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Hi There,
The double is an astral replica of the individual.

Many people have seen this, it was a theme of Gothic literature. I believe that Goethe was the first to term it the "Doppelganger". He had quite a few meetings with his "inhuman shadow". "The Picture of Dorian Grey" by Oscar Wilde is also on this theme.

As regards the Lesser Guardian of the Threshold - called the Dweller on the Threshold in Zanoni - here are some more references:

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds- last chapters.
Road to Self Knowledge- chapter five.
The Third Mystery Play.
- All by Dr. Steiner.
Also chapter 22 in the Spear of Destiny is interesting.

The Lesser Guardian appears as a large reptilian creature- a winged Dragon. Magicians used to use a concoction to make a smoke which would enable the creature to be physically perceptible. According to Dion Fortune blood (as in animal sacrifice) or flowers, could also be used for ectoplasmic appearances. These methods are now decadent.

The Lesser Guardian is the Angel of the Double- the deformed Angel. As said, this being does not at all resemble us, but bears the accretions of our past karma.

The initiate meets with this being, who then becomes perceptible. Thereafter the misdeeds of the initiate appear on the Guardian as more deformations. Thus the initiate is aware of his instant karma.

There is a wisdom to all of this, in that evil is kept at armslength from us. Bernard Leivegoed speaks of the Male-Female, anima-animus as a double. There is a chapter in his "Man on the Threshold".

Edgar Cayce spoke about the Double. I have heard a story where he saw a group of people in an elevator minus their Doubles. He declined to get into that elevator and they were all killed. (The Double deserts us prior to our demise.)

Here are some more definitions:
"Also Doppleganger. From the German meaning 'double walker', a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person.

"The belief that each person has an identical 'twin' somewhere, though they are unrelated, is a very ancient one. Sometimes the Doppelgänger is the direct opposite personality of the real person; a very nice person will have an evil Doppelgänger and vice-versa. Legend says that if the two should meet, they will both die."
The above is not quite right, the "evil" person also has an evil Doppelganger. The only reason you might die when you meet your Double is that you might be frightened to death. Goethe came home one day and found his Double writing at his desk- it didn't kill him. The Double is rather independent and will wander around getting up to no good- like Mr. Hyde.

Often it is observed, that those about to pass over become sweeter in nature as their Doubles depart.

A commentator: Kenneth says:
"Steiner equates the dark double with the lesser Guardian of the Threshold. The "Threshold" is the point in consciousness where we begin to interact with sense-free thought processes."

"So the greater and lesser Guardians are like two pillars that keep our consciousness focused on the material plane."

This is true, the Double keeps us focussed on earthly rather than flying off to the highest realms.

"It is the Double that shields us from the otherwise penetrating blaze of purity"

To distinguish between the Greater and Lesser Double:
"The difficulty in concept here is only that the Double referred to
comprises an impermanent body which breaks down eventually after the
soul of the man has retired from the earth (usually this is so, but
there are exceptions long-standing). Whilst also there is the being
of the double, who is as a deformed Angel that is committed to the
individual and all of his story over the eons of lifetimes and has
been scorned in nature, and like the knotted and twisty-gnarly tree
of countless seasons of soul, bears all of the sins attributable to
that man for which it follows."

This Angelic Being does appear as a hideous creature, which we can
feel pity for, because it is we who have deformed her. See Zanoni.

The Angelic being referred to, can and will be redeemed. It is then
released from our service. In some this has already happened.

Double Blessings