You say that fish etc., should not be eaten. Then, what is the purpose of creating th


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You say that fish etc., should not be eaten. Then, what is the purpose of creating this fish etc., by God?

Ans.) Suppose I say that the purpose of creating the man is also to supply the food to tigers, lions, man-eating hunters in the forests, etc., how do you feel? Why don’t you allow tigers and lions to freely come to villages and towns and have their food? A soul is being punished through these births of fish etc., A bird, fish,etc., does not store any thing for future. Thus the soul is in the training of decreasing its selfish behaviour. A sinner who amasses the wealth of others and goes on storing for selfish purpose is born as fish etc., By leading a life of a fish, which does not store even food for tomorrow, the soul is learning the self-less attitude. Punishment is only meant for change. Thus the births of fish etc., is for a particular purpose of its soul in the spiritual path. God is the teaher who punishes all these souls, which are His students. If you view God in this angle, you will understand God as the kindest teacher.

A sinner who stores the wealth and does not donate to others, gets the birth of a plant or tree. The plant or tree stores the excess earned food in the form of fruits and is forcibly made to donate these fruits to the living beings. Thus a soul in a tree is forced to learn sacrifice, which is the most essential part of the spiritual effort. Thus God is leading all the souls towards the highest spiritual goal. If you understand this real purpose, you will not dream of eating those living beings. Will you kill your classmate who is learning? This whole world is a single classroom with the single teacher who is ‘Guru Datta’, meaning the Lord given to this world in the form of a teacher. Even in the green plant a soul exists and therefore should not be cut. From this point of view, the Lord came in the human forms like Bhuddha and Mahavir Jain and preached the non-voilence as the highest duty of a human being. The Hindu Dharma Sashtra (Manu Smrithi) clearly condemns such killing (‘Ahimsa Paramodharmah’).