What is the sequence of spiritual effort? How is it done?


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What is the sequence of spiritual effort? How is it done?

A) Knowledge, devotion and service are the sequent steps. Service is the real proof of devotion. These three steps are indicated by Sankara, Ramanuja and Madhva who came in sequence. The practice of these three steps depends on your love to God. When the divine love exists, your practice is spontaneous. When such love does not exist, the question “how to do?” comes up.

When the soul gains completeness?

A) The soul attains perfectness in the one-way traffic service to God. If the service is there, devotion is there. Hanuman, perfect in the service, is the perfect devotee and scholar.

Why do not all see God?

A) No body sees God. God is not touched even by imagination. How can we see God? God enters some medium and becomes visible through that medium. Through that medium also you are experiencing only the existence God. Only experience of existence is possible. There is no any way to see God directly. The current cannot be seen directly. When it flows in a wire only its existence can be experienced.

What is the fruit of service to God without aspiring His love in return?

A) As I told, you should attain the perfectness in the one-way traffic in your service to God. You should not aspire any fruit including His love. When you are not aspiring even love what is the point of another fruit? Love is theoretical and can be easily given and the other fruits are practical. When you are not aspiring even theoretical fruit, how can you aspire other practical fruits?

What is the aim of spiritual institutions?

A) The propagation of the divine knowledge should be the sole aim of spiritual institutions. If the knowledge is perfect, devotion will be strong and the service will be complete. The duty of Guru is only to propagate the correct knowledge. That is sufficient. The spiritual institutions should take the place of Guru.

How to reach God and how to recognize Him?

A) Reaching God means reaching the medium in which God exists. No body can reach unimaginable God directly. You cannot catch current but you can experience current through the alive wire. The essence of Gita is to recognize and serve the present human incarnation.

What should be known form Satguru?

A) It depends on your state. If egoism and jealousy are in climax, He will say that you must search for human incarnation. This is also stated by Guru. The reason is that Guru is not human incarnation. If those two exist in lower level, He will say that the power and grace of God exists in Himself. This is also stated by Guru because it is true in his case also. Such Guru is the incarnation of power of God (Amsavatara). If those two are completely absent in you, Satguru says that He is the human incarnation. Therefore, Satguru preaches according your state.

If Satguru is God, how can he show God?

A) When you attain such maturity, Satguru will show Himself as God. Krishna told like that. Really the Satguru is showing the medium only in which God exists, because God is invisible as He is unimaginable. Such medium should be taken as God. The alive wire can be only taken as the current. If the Guru is liberated soul, who accompanied the Lord in this earth, he will show the Satguru whenever you deserve.

People of which state can see God?

A) When the egoism and jealousy are removed, which are the layers covering your eyes, you can see God through Satguru.
It is said that God sees every body with equal attitude, then what about the punishment of sinners?

A) When ever you ask a doubt it should be supported by scripture. If you say “it is said”, that has no authority. If what said is true, then in Gita how Krishna told He will destroy sinners.