Pooden, Poden, Woden & Wod

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Hi Friends,
I was able to pick up a first edition of Emma Hardinge Britten's "Faiths, Facts & Frauds in Religious History" at our local
Salvation Army shop. She lectured in Australia in 1878 and the intro was written in 1879 (Sydney). She had also visited New Zealand.

The book is rabidly anti Christian, but very interesting. By looking at the astronomical nature of Christianity it tries to debunk the notion that Christ was ever born here on Earth.

The information for the book was supplied by the mysterious author of "Art magic" and "
Ghost Land". Most information quoted comes from Godfrey Higgins' Anacalypsis 1833:
-a wonderful book.
Here's a quotable quote from the above:
"Wod or Vod is a mere variation of Bod; and Woden is simply the Talmudic mode of pronouncing Buddha : for in that mode of enunciation, Buddha is expressed Pooden or Poden; and Poden is undoubtedly the same word as Voden or Woden."* This etymology is assented to by Sir W. Jones, if it were not, as I believe it was, originally proposed by him. Woden was the God of the Scuths and Scandinavians, and said to be the inventor of their letters; as Hermes was the supposed inventor of the letters of the Egyptians.
This, among other circumstances, tends to prove that the religion of the Celts and Scuths of the West was Buddhism. The Celtic Teutates is the Gothic Teut or Tuisto, Buddha's titles of Tat, Datta, or Twashta.
Taranis is Tara-Nath. Hesus of Gaul is, Esa, Ma-Hesa, and Har-Esa. But those are by the Latin writers called Mercury."
Faber (quoted in Anacalypsis)
There also is a "Lord of the Rings" Buddha connection as well, I believe.

In Christ,