Interesting Encounter (Christians)


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From Practicing Buddhism and going to a Buddhist center I have experienced from time to time some pretty overwhelming spiritual experiences oh my gosh. It is really awesome at how kind, compassionate, and generous people can be. And how helpful they can be spiritually. It is just too much.

Today I had an interesting encounter.... I cannot go into detail since I have forgotten what transpired but these Christians were sharing the Gospel with some other people and their was some tension and disagreement.

In the middle of it all I said, "But, you should not behave in a such a way because you have to or else, because your heart is naturally that way."

Once I said this, much tension went away.

Later on in the encounter I mentioned that Jesus said clean the cup on the inside and all they could do was quote scripture that contradicted that scripture without explaining what Jesus was saying.
I've met a lot of Christians like that, but I guess there are people like that in all faiths.
Important that such experiences with small groups of people don't diminish our views of the many

By the way, is there meaning behind your screen name?