The secret to alleviate stress


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The secret to alleviate stress

The involvement in this world is inevitable. The sequence of such involvement is the stress, which is also inevitable. We may succeed in getting the fruit of the stress or we may also not succeed in it. The bullet is used but the bird is not certain. The present Yoga is just a sleeping pill for short time and it is in no way different from deep sleep. Infact the deep sleep is better than the present Yoga. The reason is that in present Yoga the nervous system functions at a minimum level because awareness of itself is alive as in the case of thoughtless self-meditation. In deep sleep even that pure awareness disappears and the nervous system takes complete rest. In any case the immediate involvement in the world is inevitable. In such Yoga you are having only peace, which is absence of misery and that is not bliss. Such peace is not equal even to materialistic happiness.

When you are in self-meditation and if someone tells you that you got one crore-lottery (100 billion) you are clearly experiencing the distinct materialistic happiness. It is common practical experience that any one is unable to stand firm in the state of self-attainment through self-realization. The reason for this is that if you continue in the self and thereby detach yourself from the misery, who will suffer the misery of your future results of past sins ordained in your life cycle? The rest of your past deeds which have to be enjoyed by you in future cannot be cancelled suddenly.

The force of the divine law governing the cycle of deeds is stronger than the self. The divine law is in the hands of God only. The divine law will drag you into the world for the sake of punishment. Only God can save you from the misery. The word Yoga means your meeting of such God in human form. If you are continuing in the self without further proceeding to God, thinking that self is God, you are doing a sinful deed. You are in no way different from an atheist who says that there is no God other than self. At least to enjoy the result of this sin, you have to be dragged out.

If you divert this inevitable stress into service in spiritual field, God will protect you in both this world and upper world. This is one bullet-shot and two birds are certain. When God takes care of you, there is no chance of uncertainty. For you the solutions in this world are not certain in spite of hectic stress. Therefore, it is far better to divert the inevitable stress and involvement into the spiritual service of God.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony

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