Pascendi Dominici Gregis

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Hi everybody!

I was reading about "Pascendi Dominici Gregis" on the Buddhist Forum.

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Here is a small portion of the post
"Every diocese was to set up a “Council of Vigilance” that would act secretly to spot “every trace and sign of modernism” and “nip the evil in the bud.”
In 1910, Pius X further demanded that all current and future Catholic clergymen swear a lengthy oath against modernism, ratifying in detail the condemnations of “Pascendi.”
"Soon a covert network of international informants began operating out of the Vatican, secretly denouncing all kinds of Catholic thinkers for modernist leanings.
In 1915, the newly elected Pope Benedict XV put an end to the worst of this witch hunt, which had extended to political matters as well as theological ones."

--> One person responded with this:
"...there is definitely a very strong element among Catholics who believe that the Popes after Pius X were all heretics as is the current Pope. If this element continues to grow, there will be a split in the Catholic Church that will make the Reformation look like a tea party."
--> Oaths against modernism? Secret informants? Is it true? Is a blacklash to modernization tearing the Catholic Church apart?