Julian the Apostate

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Dear Readers,
The Roman Emperor, Julian the Apostate, had the aim of continuing the pagan mysteries. Dr. Steiner believed that Julian's expedition into Persia was to gain entrance into the Persian mysteries and those of Manicheism.

Unfortunately he was assassinated in the year 363 AD by a follower of Constantine and consequently was unable to attain his goal. Due to Sibylline prophecies concerning the destiny of Julian, his family had already also been murdered off.

Julian was the one great hope that the ideal of Manicheism of marrying the ancient mysteries to Christianity would be accomplished.

Augustine also failed, but this was his failure to understand the doctrines themselves.
"The Manichaeans did not cultivate abstract ideas which divorced the world of thought from the world of reality. ...The basic principle of Manichaeism was to cultivate only those ideas which are consistent with reality. "

"The aim of Manichaeism was the conquest of evil and of matter by thought. Julian was brought face to face with the deeper implications of the problem of evil and the relation of Christ Jesus to this problem...."
Notice that "conquest of matter" belongs to one of the ultimate secrets of the Manicheans. Dr. Steiner only spoke indirectly about this.

All quotes from "Building Stones for an Understanding of the Mystery
of Golgotha"
Lecture 7

Even at an early age, Julian displayed a specialness indicative of his future initiate status.

Dr. Steiner calls the murder of Julian one of the most significant occurrences in history.

Julian's star knowledge did not pass away however. He was reincarnated as the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe. Tycho also made medicines which relied on his star knowledge- these he gave away for free. Brahe's star wisdom is of the Manichean stream.

We must incorporate the star knowledge into a future Christianity. And this star knowledge will enter right deep into the physical world- as Tycho did with his remedies.

Julian did try to rebuild the Jewish Temple just to prove the prophecies wrong. Unfortunately for him, the workers had visions of leaping flames and left the job.