Seven Seals of St.John

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Hi All,

You can find the Seven Seals of St.John in Eliphas Levi's THE RITUAL OF TRANSCENDENTAL MAGIC 1856:

So these seals are not original to Rudolf Steiner- though he did make some modifications.

Compare Levi's first seal with this one by Steiner:
"Man with the Two-edged Sword":


You can find all the seal pictures painted according to Dr. Steiner's indications here:
Lecture: Lecture IV: Occult Signs and Symbols

"You can see how the whole world presents itself in such seals, and because the magi and initiates have put the whole cosmos into them, they contain a mighty force. You can continually turn back to these seals and you will find that by meditating on them they will disclose infinite wisdom. They can have a mighty influence on the soul because they have been created out of cosmic secrets. Hang them in a room where such things are discussed as we have been doing here, discussions in which one raises one's self to the holy mysteries of the world, and they will prove enlivening and illuminating in the highest degree, although people will often not be aware of their effect. Because they have this significance, however, they are not to be misused or profaned. Strange as it may seem, when the seals are hung around a room in which nothing spiritual is ever said, in which only trivial words are spoken, their effect is such that they cause physical illness. Trivial as it may sound, they destroy the digestion. What is born out of the spiritual belongs to the spiritual and must not be profaned. This is shown here by the very effect.
Signs of spiritual things belong where spiritual things are enacted and reach effectiveness."​
-Rudolf Steiner