Christian Festivals

Bruce Michael

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[FONT=&quot]Dear Friends,
I have often considered the need for the development of Christi[/FONT][FONT=&quot]an festivals suitable for our time. For the most part in the Western World today, such ceremonies are not what they once were.

I admire what the Hindus do in this regard. Their celebrations are truly magnificent. Even the Hari Krishna group produce marvelous street floats depicting the life of [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Krishna[/FONT][FONT=&quot].

In the past, Christians also had colorful floats demonstrating the life of Christ- even Adam and Eve made an appearance. I have some woodcut pictures of these wooden carts.

We are coming up to the Michael festival, and attempts have been made to make this into something very powerful. I say "attempts" because I think we still have some way to go.

What makes for a great spiritual festival? How do we go about it and what are the rewards?

A while back I attended a Labyrinth festival. The labyrinth was laid out in brickwork, and one by one folk made thier way to the center. There was provision made for a fire, but this was not lit on the day.

That labyrinth was based on a design from Chartres Cathedral:

Example: The Interfaith Labyrinth

Labyrinth walking has really taken off in recent years.