Creation is Speaking -- Are You Listening?


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Has the God of the universe spoken? Yes, He has. He has communicated His existence in such a way that no one can avoid His message. God's created universe continually heralds the truth of His awesome presence and power.

In other words, Creation is speaking. Are you listening?

Whether they enjoyed the privilege of hearing a preacher carefully articulate the Bible, or whether they never once heard the name "Jesus Christ," all people who have ever lived on Earth have been exposed to God's revelation of Himself as almighty Creator. The testimony of the created universe is so clear that nobody could ever claim a legitimate excuse for failing to acknowledge that God is real. We are all accountable to answer to Him and to seek after Him.

"Creation's Voice" graciously confronts viewers to stop, look, and listen carefully to the message that "nature" has been broadcasting for thousands of years. We must pay attention to the greatest Reality that ever was or ever will be: GOD.

Watch the "Creation's Voice" dynamation now: Kids 4 Truth | Creation's Voice