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    Hi There,
    Those who've been to Glastonbury, might know that one of the most interesting things about the place is the people there. Just sitting in a coffee shop, you can listen in to the customers talking on a myriad spiritual subjects.

    I had a friend whose school teacher (K.E. Maltwood) had been the one who had discovered the Glastonbury Zodiac. I'm in awe of how these marvellous craftsmen etched that huge design into the landscape. On an intuition Maltwood had hired a 'plane and confirmed her thoughts, and made the discovery.

    The Zodiac has been etched into the landscape - eleven mile diameter I think- something like the Nazca lines, but there's more to it here, because we have street and place names that pertain to it.


    Unfortunately you have to see the aerial photos to really get an idea of what it's all about.

    "The Sun Temple at Glastonbury" by Lennart Lydeen

    I see that the University of Victoria, Canada has a K. E. Maltwood Collection at the McPherson Library.


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