The Count of St.Germaine & the Rosicrucians

Bruce Michael

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"He who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind."
Hosea 8:7

It is not well known that this is an occult saying which has appeared in various ages and is connected with the Rosicrucian stream.

The Count of St.Germaine used these words in a conversation with the Countess d'Adhemar, a lady in waiting to Queen Marie Antoinette at the court of Louis the 16th. The Count of St.Germaine foretold the French Revolution. When the Count spoke those words from Hosea he said that they were words which had been spoken by Jesus also.

St. Germaine foretold that the monarchy and ruling personalities of France would all be destroyed in a very short time and it was too late to save them. His earlier warnings had all been disregarded as he was considered to be a sensational scaremonger.

We know from Rudolf Steiner that the individuality who became St. Germaine was Christian Rosenkreutz.

We can read details about the Rosicrucian Brotherhood in the "Fame and Confessions of the Rosicrucians" which along with "The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz" was written by Johann Valentin Andreas who was inspired by Christian Rosenkreutz himself.

It was a secret Brotherhood consisting at first of only four members who were later joined by four others. They were physicians and bachelors who were not permitted to accept payment for their services which were to be given to those who needed them.