How Many Newbies Are Awake?


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I see that there are a lot of newbies here and im one of them.
But I was wondering how many of you have really woken up?
If you take a look at my homepage (by clicking onto my avatar name) you will see how much I have woken up since the year 2000.

I'd like to hear what your views are on the awakening that is happening right now, and how awake you are? ;)
Hi Revelations, welcome to CR. I guess you could call me an oldbie, but i'm still pretty open minded to anything. I've previosly read about and understood most of what's on your website. My opinion of all of that is that we certainly don't need to read more stuff these days to scare us any more than is done to us just by watching the nightly news, which I don't do very often.

Most of us know that there will be a reckoning about all of this, but are willing to wait until someone asks us our opinion. Which will probably not happen any time soon. I believe that right now if we all picked a specific time and yelled STUPID all at once, no one would listen in DC or any other national capitol.

It's all very interesting, but except for voting in elections that use programmable, manipulatable voting machines, and buying a lottery ticket every once in a while with the hope of winning a pile and buying a remote island to retreat to, what's the big deal and what are we supposed to do about it all ?

You an anarchist ? Any suggestions ? Good luck !