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We have had, asked, on another thread, What are the teachings of the various world religions on the question of infallibility of doctrine?

Also, we have seen a great deal of discussion about this issue of doctrine, and whether or not x group or religion insists upon various doctrines ... leading to dogmatism.

It has been made clear, that the official standpoint of the Theosophical, and later esoteric organizations and Schools is that dogma is inimical to the spiritual life of the sincere esoteric student, and that no doctrine or set of teachings should be spoken of as `infallible.' This being said, it nevertheless occurs that some ideas do receive a strong emphasis, and if we are not careful it is easy to begin speaking of such-and-such a teaching (or set of teachings) as infallible. I will do my best to avoid this mistake in this post, and thread.

One of the newest set of spiritual teachings which I have studied is referred to as `The New Thought-Form Presentation of the Wisdom,' or NTFPW/TFPW. These teachings, though more recent, follow very much in the same line as those given out by H.P. Blavatsky, later by Alice Bailey, and also by authors such as Helena Roerich, Geoffrey Hodson, David Anrias, Cyril Scott, Dane Rudyar, et al.

The difference, in terms of the content of TFPW, is that while HPB's writings, and those of the earliest generations of Theosophists, often dealt with Humanity's earliest and long-past cycles of spiritual and material evolutionary development, usually treating this from an esoteric viewpoint even while describing the exoteric changes which science has studied ever since Darwinian and Lamarckian evolutionary theory ... the TFPW is primarily interested in the changes which Humanity is undergoing currently, and which are bringing us through the most significant stage of growth which the Human Kingdom has ever experienced for 18 million years upon planet Earth.

Theosophy makes it clear that even dozens of millions of years ago, something we might call `Humanity' existed upon our planet. Science is finally beginning to agree with the esoteric teachings, some of these latter having existed among the Eastern Traditions (even EXOTERIC Hinduism) - and also the esoteric Western Traditions - for thousands upon thousands of years. H.P. Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine, and other, related esoteric teachings, in the Stanzas of Dyzan, tell us that Humanity first became a physical being as related in the Biblical Genesis accounts ... about 18 million years ago. Prior to that, we were here on the Earth, but were evolving as a non-physical being, and we had nothing of the Intellect which we today characterize as a distinguishing human attribute.

From 18 millions years ago for several more million years, Humanity progressed slowly, eventually reaching a point of civilization which we can know geologically and anthropologically only in such traces as the Easter Island accounts, with the testimony of those gigantic monuments (stone statues) as to both our physical appearance, and stature. All of this warrants further investigation from the curious and sincere esoteric student, but as a highlight, it is pointed out that we are seeing traces only, and not anything at all like a complete, 100% accurate and infallible record.

Still, certain studies have been made, by many different types of clairvoyants and psychic investigators, these ranging from the amateurish and totally untrained, to the extremely highly gifted and carefully, expert-trained ... such as Geoffrey Hodson. In The Secret Doctrine, too, we have a wealth of information which takes us successfully up to, through and beyond the Atlantean stage of Humanity's spiritual and material evolution, dating back some 5 million years ago, up to the pinnacle of about 1 million years ago, and finally reaching its decline in a series of global catastrophes, as summarized (symbolized) in the Biblical Flood Myth, the same kind of tale in the Popol Vuh, and in various other examples of world mythology and religious literature ... including Plato's Critias.

We have learned, and can take it on good authority (without, however, claims of infallibility) ... that the major flood catastrophes toward the end of the Atlantean world civilization occured about 800,000 years ago, about 200,000 years ago - leaving only two large islands: Ruta & Daitya, again about 80,000 years ago - leaving only the small island Poseidonis, and finally in 9564BC, which was recent enough to survive in the records of the Egyptian priesthood at Sais, which was visited by Solon, who related the tale to Plato.

Plato, of course, is not the only philosopher, Theosophist or esoteric student (Initiate) to give out information regarding this most recent of major epochs of Humanity's development upon this planet ... but if we prefer to stick to scholarly accounts and scientific research we can pursue any number of other lines of investigation, including the work of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc, founded by Edgar Cayce in 1931.

Cayce's organization, as many will know, actually discovered some of best physical evidence of Atlantis yet made widely known -- the famous Road of Bimini. A good place to start reading about Bimini, if that is what one is interested in, would be here - in an article by Dr. Greg Little entitled `Updated Report on May 2005 Bimini—Andros Expedition: Bimini Road-An Ancient Harbor.'

As for the esoteric accounts of Atlantis, anyone familiar with the literature will know that this is one of the darkest days in Humanity's experience upon this planet, in this cycle. During the golden era of Atlantis, when the vimanas of Hindu exoteric religious accounts ferried us across the skies (yes, a million years ago and more) ... the Occult Brotherhood, or Spiritual `Hierarchy' walked openly among us, teaching and instructing - as this was something which was overall desirable.

As yet, there was no materialism as we know it to oppose the Brotherhood's efforts, and the most elect of the Atlantean Priesthood were responsible, upright and capable of governing - in a true Theocracy - for the greatest good of the greatest number, in a form of Spiritual Government far superior to anything like the democracies of today. This sounds, and was/is in many ways quite desirable, but Humanity during the Atlantean era was nowhere near as intelligent as we are, overall ... so it is fairly true to say that the task of the Ruling Priesthood was very much like keeping order among well-intentioned children, with all the same, understandable - and basic - challenges which will arise.

In short, we know that things went tremendously wrong, and that materialism began to take over, leading to the lowest forms of sorcery and to the abuse of our creative spiritual powers ... such that the Priesthood utterly failed to keep the chain of Divine Teachings unadulterated. At first, it was possible for the Hierarchy to make adjustments and offset the materialism and selfishness, but Humanity has ever had `Free Will,' and this - in the end - will prevent even the Hierarchy, God's Ruling Heart-Center for the Planet, from intervening and FORCING us to evolve.

We chose to become mired in the swamps of our material condition, and instead of being able to walk freely among us, and to remain in our midst, the Hierarchy or Esoteric Brotherhood was forced to gradually withdraw. In effect, we simply banished them, through the worst forms of black magic imaginable, and this is a karma which Humanity carries with it to this day.

God does not forsake His children, however, and thus the Hierarchy, though removed from an immediate presence among us, continued to do their best to guide and instruct us ... this, always, where the one or two could be found receptive. And such a condition continued, even as Atlantis continued to decline, while during certain cycles it was always possible for direct incarnations and `Noah's' to walk openly amongst the Elect.

Noah does not refer to a single individual, just as Vaivasvata Manu (and the Chaldean Xisuthrus, from whom Noah is derived) refers to a stage in human development, rather than a person. Yet as definite individuals, this Presence of God has incarnated, and this is what enabled the elect among Humanity, even in later Atlantean days, after the various catastrophes, to emigrate - by Exodus - away from the centers of decadence and corruption.

The fabled City of the Golden Gates, even the city where it might be said that God Himself had a Throne upon our Earth ... eventually became overrun with corruption, and it dawns on the esoteric student that no effort of the Hierarchy even COULD have been otherwise - for although they certainly possess the Power to simply oppose the dark brotherhood, this would be in complete contradiction to the Laws of Evolution Itself -- God's Laws. It is the Divine Will, not that we come to God by any means or method available, but that we choose, each of us - and also collectively, to come to God of our own free will, recognition and accord.

So wickedness, selfishness, materialism and corruption were allowed to overrun the Atlantean people (us, long long ago) ... even including the City of the Golden Gates, wherein God Himself was (virtually, though not quite literally) enthroned. The wickedness and corruption would have even continued, yet God is not a God of cruelty, or without Mercy. Nor does God wish to see the work of literally MILLIONS, even BILLIONS, of years of preparation and slow, gradual building go to waste. Planets are hard to come by, as science-fiction author Douglas Adams put it ... and Lord knows, that's gotta be true.

Thus, as we know through the various world mythologies and religious literature, there were flood catastrophes, as mentioned above ... wherein only the Elect (this, too, being symbolized for us) were able to escape and survive. The Ancient Egyptian civilization was at its height many tens of thousands of years ago, and some records clarify that the Giza Pyramids were built around 200,000 years ago ... which we can see dovetails perfectly with the investigations of various occult researchers. The Sphinx, it is said, is even older.

Science, too, is starting to confirm this, as it is increasingly being accepted that we are not simply looking at 4 or 5 thousand year old tombs, but are, instead, exploring the Temples and Sacred Sites of a civilization which flourished AT LEAST 10,000 years BC ... this being when the Earth's precession of the equinoxes (Astrological Era) would have placed her in Leo. And I will venture that once we can establish this to the satisfaction of all reasonable individuals (the die-hard skeptics, and those fretful of the upset of conventional Egyptology are always the last to see the light) ... it will eventually occur that we need to look, not simply one half-cycle into the past ... but eight complete cycles ... and 1/2. That will place us, sure enough, earlier than 200,000 years ago -- for the original building of the Sphinx.
Why is all of this relevant? And how does it help us in dealing with the present, let alone the years ahead ... as this is what I titled this thread, and what I really wish to focus upon?

I think it helps us in the following way, and many thousands of esoteric students worldwide seem to agree with me.

First, once we begin to establish that Humanity is far, far older than we have as yet fully admitted, we open the door to a more sincere, scientific study of the earlier stages in human evolution, civilization and spiritual & religious development. Along these same lines, we provide ourselves with a larger canvas upon which to piece together the mosaic of hints and evidence regarding Humanity's quest for knowledge, for self-understanding, and for spiritual enlightenment.

As we expand our canvas, and broaden our horizons, we certainly open up areas which will as yet appear blank to us, or which will at best only convey a fragmented, incomplete picture of our past ... however, this allows us to ask questions, and to entertain theories, regarding our Purpose here, which religious teachings, philosophical schools of thought and even world mythologies have not yet been able to address - simply because we didn't even realize that it was possible to ask these questions, or to approach the subject from the new angles that are now available.

It is a bit like looking at a Picasso, with 75% of the painting covered up, and attempting to discern not only the rest of the original painting ... but also the artist's motivation, his inspiration, his theme and his method. Picasso, you see, is not always easy to figure out, even when we do have the entire painting! Yet here we are, given only a tiny corner, and we find that we have not understood the extent of the message. Knowing that there is more of the painting that can be revealed, and that all we need to do is to study it, observe and reflect ... can help us enormously, in ways that simply guessing will not.

Thus, Theosophists, esotericists and New Age seekers who are starting to take seriously the ideas of the Spiritual Brotherhood ... have begun to understand that on Jacob's Ladder, there is a rung for every stage of human growth, and of spiritual progress, imaginable. This applies to knowledge, and to Wisdom, and to learning - inasmuch as this can all be objectified, but it also applies to the attainment of Virtue, which comes - not by the adoption of some certain set of tenets, or by the uttering of mantrams & creeds, but by careful, deliberate development, and by testing, in the Crucible of daily living ... and via the tempering fires of Vulcan-Hephaestus, the blacksmith of the Gods (speaking esoterically, and regarding Initiation).

An esotericist does not reject Jesus, or repudiate the existence of such Great Ones as the Buddha(s), the Zoroasters, Sri Krishna and Muhammad. At most, he may question dates and specifics, and ask how much of what is taught is symbolic, and might be allegorical. But above all, he begins to see that there is no room for superstition and for hero-worship, which turns men into Gods, and removes God altogether from the doman of ordinary Reality.

The esotericist asks, what is being taught here ... in what way is God approaching us, inviting us to draw near to Him, and what is God teaching us about ourselves, about each other, about the world around us, and about the Miracle of Life (God) Itself. And that allows us to question anything, and anyone, we wish to question ... including every occult teacher, or source of potential Wisdom which presents itself. Some students are thus drawn to Theosophy, while others are interested in Anthroposophy, and yet others gravitate toward Alice Bailey's Teachings, or toward Agni Yoga, and many are now coming to NTFPW (New Thought-Form Presentation of the Wisdom) and finding it very practical and helpful.

These latter teachings, the NTFPW, serve an important purpose for Humanity at this time. That purpose is concerned with thought-form building, which disciples, aspirants and Initiates around the world can do consciously, intentionally and effectively, as they learn about the creative power of the human spirit, working via the Soul ... using the threefold personality as its instrument.

A few excerpts from some teachings that have been provided, should expand this idea:
The purpose of this Thought-form Presentation is to provide a vehicle within which the Conscious Soul, which overshadows and whose life on its own plane is the Wisdom, can incarnate, can express in the three worlds of human endeavor. This Wisdom is its life, and via that expression it can, in several major ways, speed up the evolutionary development of humanity: first, by making the appearance incarnate. This appearance is visible, understandable to and by the human consciousness, so that when the Thought-form Presentation has actually rendered its service within the body of humanity, human consciousness will recognize the Conscious Soul Incarnate, will aspire to that immiment goal of spiritual growth and development, and will have available within a physical plane of appearances the techniques, the methods, the way of achieveing that goal.

One of the major services rendered by this Thought-form Presentation of the Wisdom, through those who work with it, is that of thought-form building, of bringing the basic concepts of the Wisdom (and remember these concepts are the ideation of the Soul) into those thought-forms which will perfectly convey them: then, by projecting those thought-forms via the etheric body of humanity, into those frequencies of mind, of astral force, and of etheric substance; making the thought-form available to the brain consciousness of humanity, so that these concepts with which you are familiar, through your efforts to understand them, can make their impact upon human beings everywhere, so they can correctly interpret these same thought-forms, so that they may be inspired by them, and bring them into active expression within their own life and affairs.


Consider those thought-forms created by the different organized religions, and by the different governments of the world. Consider the many organized groups within the three worlds of human endeavor who have been deliberately creating a very definite, very specific thought-form. It is not important what methods they have used; it is the fact that these thought-forms have been deliberately created, set into motion, and so they rule the life and affairs of humanity today.

The man in the brain is incapable of building his own thought-forms; he can only act in accordance with and to those thought-forms to which he is the most receptive, according to that which makes its impact upon him, causing him to act in this way or in that way - not of his own volition nor of his own determination. These are the rulers, regardless of outer appearance, of the world today. I would have you think upon this: what is it that actually and truly rules the world? The outer institutions of government, of leadership, are not necessarily the rulers. They are often themselves the ruled.

The ruler is the group mind (and this is one of the most important lessons you will ever learn). The ruler is the group mind who creates a specific thought-form, whether that thought-form be Mosaic Law, whether that thought-form be the ideals of Plato or Socrates, whether that thought-form be Catholicism, whether it be Communism, whatever it might be. The group minds creating the most dynamic, the most powerful thought-forms, these are ther rulers of the world. These group minds rule completely, determining the actions, determining the life and affairs, determining the path that humanity will take in the course of its own evolutionary development. Now then, what is the effort within which we are engaged today?

It is to build a new, a more dynamic, a more powerful, a more all-inclusive, a more Divine, a more rightly-oriented thought-form than any which has been created heretofore, to set that thought-form into motion and to direct it as an act of the Will where it will do the most good. This is the major service to be rendered by the group. There must first be created (and this we are engaged in) a group instrument which is constituted of the minds of its membership - the mind being brought together to serve a common purpose and a common goal. These minds being receptive to the same ideals, the same basic concepts, and illumined with the same Light, and it will be constituted of a field of astral force, contributed to by the astral bodies of the group membership, brought together out of a common aspiration to serve the Divine Plan for humanity - an aspiration which does not permit personality friction and differences, concerns, or problems to destroy the unity of that working, serving instrument. This is the only area within which we are concerned: with unity. Whether you are at-one in the levels of the personality in your daily life and affairs is of no importance, but that you are at-one in this one area - that of service, the common aspiration to serve the Divine Plan for humanity - this is important. This integrates your astral body, regardless of personality differences, into a service instrument; the etheric network or body which you create as you join your own etheric instruments for the purpose of providing a vehicle within which the consciousness of the Plan can be transmitted into the consciousness of humanity. It is providing a vehicle through which this major thought-form can be projected to a specific destination, regardless of the outer activities within which you are engaged. If one of you is a gangster and he gives, regardless of his outer activities, his inner subjective life to this purpose, he is a member of the Wisdom and serving and contributing.
This is about one third of one of several teachings on thought-forms found within Applied Wisdom, but it serves to illustrate the nature, the importance and the method of group work, and of creative, building work ... with which sincere esoteric students are engaged. Hence some of our interest in discussions at C-R, despite constant, bitter attacks ... and efforts to debunk everything that cannot be found printed verbatim within the pages of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Some of know, and can see these teachings, given by the Master of Masters Himself. But we sometimes wonder if it is pointless to try and communicate this ... and the great irony is, it isn't those with a simple faith, and a literalist interpretation of the Bible who seem the most opposed to doing anything really useful with their spiritual faith. The irony is, it is those who PROFESS to know better ...