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Hello --

I appreciate the opportunity afforded here for introducing ourselves to one another.

FWIW, my chief interest is music -- as one can probably guess from the title I use here -- and I already have one book out on opera and a few articles as well.

However, comparing different beliefs, different ethical systems, different historical movements and doctrines, etc, is an occasional hobby of mine, and I've become intrigued by a few of the discussions I've read here in the new Comparative Studies section at


Some of the frequent contributors there, like Pilgram and a number of others, have made thought-provoking points, IMO, and I felt teased enough by some of the welcome mind-twisters submitted by a few here:) to offer a query or two of my own.

You'll now find a -- perhaps -- over-ambitious(?) thread of mine, Earliest sentiments(?) and Jaspers - long , at


where I've invited readers to -- among other things -- find points of similarity among selected passages from the -- presumed -- earliest source texts for the four "founders" singled out in a small volume of Karl Jaspers essays: Buddha, Confucius, Socrates and Jesus.

I don't pretend to have a magic pipeline to all the points of similarity myself, nor would I necessarily assume that where I perceive a similarity others would perceive the same. But I'd be genuinely interested in knowing where the sharpest minds of this lively online community might perceive similarities on their own.

Incidentally, I agree with our Administrator that it's proper that, just to play fair, I at least cobble together ASAP my own brief list of those links that, IMO, appear to tie my selected texts from these four "founders" together; so I hope to have that online for all to peruse before tomorrow morning EST. You're welcome to beat me to that, if you wish;)

In addition to my writing on music, my wife Liz and I also run a Web site on opera, and we share quite an enthusiasm for collecting opera recordings from all periods.

Extending best wishes to an insightful and energetic readership,

Geoffrey Riggs

HI, I am Susma. I call myself a postgraduate Catholic, meaning no longer attached to the Catholic Church.

But as I read more and more of the posters here, I am getting to espouse what I might call minimalist religion.

The less of religion the better for us all. But religion let it of course continue.

Susma Rio Sep
Hi Operacast, and an official welcome to CR. :)
I said:
Hi Operacast, and an official welcome to CR. :)
And much thanks for the friendly greeting.

FWIW, my itemized summary of the uncanny links among certain selected texts from the four "founders" singled out by Karl Jaspers is now up and ready for perusal at the foot of


Pilgram and the other stalwarts here are now invited to demur, object, dissect, debunk, amplify, or excoriate, etc., to their hearts' content;)

Cheers everyone,

Geoffrey Riggs