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....whys guy.... ʎʇıɹoɥʇnɐ uoıʇsǝnb
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What was the most meaningful, funny, heart touching, profound or otherwise memorable comment from this past year or earlier. All threads and boards are fair game, but let's keep the comments small, no more than one short paragraph.

My personal favorite, it still elicits belly laughs everytime I think of it (and I think of it often):

"she's a lifelong vegetarian, and on a good morning can float the duvet off the bed in one trump!"

OOOOPS, I just realized I goofed on the date. Of course that should read "Best comment from 2007."
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" I smell poop. Stop typing"
I had that in my sig for a while. Made me giggle:D
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So we are looking for the best quotes from the past, from THIS SITE? Need to make that clear in my head.....


"What sound does a unicorn make? I would say it would probally sound like a mentally ill sperm whale being shot in the left eye with a 12 gauge..... In shallow waters, in the middle of August. While three Russian midgets with limps in a low tone hum the main rythmn of L'Elisir d'Amore: Quanto è bella! Quanto è cara! by Luciano Pavarotti..."

Or this.... My official stance on how the Universe works... And You're all wrong!

"It is basically like an intelligent gene... It grows..... It, learns.... Absorbing the light spectrum elements and all the surronding galaxies... The edge of the jar is like a see-through mystic barrier.. As I have allready discussed "red shift" the neighbouring galaxies are 'shifting' away from us... Because they are being drawn... Like a magnetic force to the "edge" Once there, the galaxy dissapears... Some say it may even implode... And then all it's force power, knowledge and wisdom is transfered to the hellsman gene.. What is out there? The other side of the barrier? Who knows...... Who, knows? But for some reason the whole universe is drawn to it, like a mouse to cheese, like a kitty kitty kin kinz to cream.... A bee to the fruitful flower... There must be a reward out there or something"
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So we are looking for the best quotes from the past, from THIS SITE? Need to make that clear in my head.....
Yeah, I did mean from this site, I guess I kinda took that for granted. This is meant to be a new spin on the one we did last year about the best thread.
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Between the cracks
By Bobby Neal Winters

You may recall me writing about Bill before. He attempted to teach me poker before I decided the lessons were a little too expensive. -Okieinexile
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From Deb...

Dear sirs, no more words have you for me

Save a last condemnation spoken with a withered, frosty finger
And a heart even colder?

As well you lock your heavy doors
Through which you say no transgression may pass,
Thereby closing up the altar to which I would most readily run
To set them down.
And so you would have Heaven shut.

You stain the windows with stories you have chosen,
And it is you alone who may explain them.
It cannot be left to one such as I,
For certainly I will twist them up with confused logic
And inappropriate sentiment.
Surely I will make circles out of lines
And angels of demons,
For I am not to be trusted with secret and sacred knowledge—
All my fruits appear bruised and spoiled.

And so you leave me to my kind—
Pray tell, Sirs, but who?
Who will embrace me now, since I carry your name?
I cannot bear to lose it,
But what is my choice
If I have been blotted out of your book?

Perhaps there are still a few who will have me now,
And our wayward paths will meet and we will walk together;
I pray we find ourselves at a well-constructed gate--
I remember it as ancient wood, but it may be of stone;
And in passing through it, may we find our burdens welcome
And our names carved upon it.

This is my best treasure and the hope of my heart,
My journey here and my home forever.

"InLove", 2007