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Dr. Hurtak published a book about thirty years ago which has since become a cult classic, The Keys of Enoch. I have not read the book but it's on my near future to do list.

The result of the following that this work has produced is that a global movement to bring coherence to the science-religion dichotomy has been slowly developing over the years. The understandings driving this movement have mostly been reached from the science side of things and have not grown out of religious zealouness.

The whole thing has reached the point where Hurtak's movement is jointly operating with the UN on several fronts. These two links are very informative and factually comport with a lot of things that I have run across over the years. The first link is an interview with Hurtak and should be self-explanatory.

The second is a lengthy personal story and testimonial by a journalist which I found to be very honest and enlightening. I've checked out many of the things asserted in the story and have found them to be factually accurate.

The third link is to Hurtak's Academy for Future Science website where a lot of information on the movement is available. Any comments would be appreciated.


Interview - Talk Spirit - Dr. J.J. Hurtak

Dan Eden Tells All

Heya, Flowperson! Thank you for posting that second link, which was very interesting. I looked at it and criticized it some! :) :D

I was reading your second link and got up to around page 18 and then skimmed up to page 28. A comment made on page 8 was that such a 'Super heating' device was impractical for other nations because they didn't have the computing power to use it. That probably is not true anymore and likely wasn't even back then. For aiming and targeting I suspect that even a Sega Genesis game machine working in tandem with a big telescope could probably have handled that kind of computer processing. It probably could also have handled the ionospheric-microwave and turbulence computations -- although I couldn't calculate the 'Big O' for it right this second. Maybe a Physicist would comment?

I do not know whether treating a section of the ionosphere with heat or any other treatment would make it more reflective than it already is, but its the boundaries between temperature layers that bounce radio waves. It works similar to the way sonar bounces off the cold layers deep in the ocean and visible light photons bounce off of the silvered layer behind glass. (The Russians probably had it first.)

The working theory in Dan's story is that you could heat any section of air evenly enough to create a false ionosphere layer -- or else make a sort of concave lens to focus multiple phased microwave arrays somewhere on earth's face. Fluid dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Meteorology are all disciplines that are understood well enough in textbooks to handle this and have been for 20 years or so. Its not like this tech is all that amazing, because it is something that anybody with some background in Science can understand. I do not know whether Dan's death ray trick would work, however. Securing a patent does not require you to prove that your idea works.


Brigham Young University (shows up around page 18) has had stuff on the internet about 'Proto-Canaanite' language for years, and it is unfortunately a little bit too much for me to accept. Its a very attractive idea, and I wish I were educated enough to evaluate it. Unfortunately, I can't just accept it. Its as if Microsoft announced they had found ancient patents proving that they owned the fundamental CPU processing cycle. Whether this was true or not, it would be too strongly in Microsoft's favor for me to consider it as an objective statement. I would consider it to be 'Spin'.