Unlock a mighty portal unto His City


Abeja Maya
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Northern Utah
"For now... they have hidden Me behind a veil of darkness, whose fabric they have woven with the hands of idle fancy and vain imagination. Erelong shall the snow-white hand of God rend an opening through the darkness of this night and unlock a mighty portal unto His City. On that Day shall the people enter therein by troops, uttering what the blamers aforetime exclaimed, that there shall be made manifest in the end that which appeared in the beginning." -Baha'u'llah

What did the blamers aforetime exclaim?

Was it, "Lo, this is no other than a noble angel!"

How long will the veil of darkness last?

"Say: If it be Our pleasure We shall render the Cause victorious through the power of a single word from Our presence. He is in truth the Omnipotent, the All-Compelling. Should it be God's intention, there would appear out of the forests of celestial might the lion of indomitable strength whose roaring is like unto the peals of thunder reverberating in the mountains. However, since Our loving providence surpasseth all things, We have ordained that complete victory should be achieved through speech and utterance, that Our servants throughout the earth may thereby become the recipients of divine good. This is but a token of God's bounty vouchsafed unto them. Verily thy Lord is the All-Sufficing, the Most Exalted." -Baha'u'llah

The people shall enter therein by troops...

...before a thousand years is up?

...within this century?

...within the next two decades?

Someone has suggested 2021... and said the Third Baha'i World Congress will be then... anyone heard of that? When's the next Baha'i World Congress?

I've guessed 437 B.E. for most of the world being Baha'i... which is A.D. 2280.

Any other guesses?

Hi, there! :)

I have no idea, but suspect that 2017, the 200th anniversary of Baha'u'llah's birth, is probably a likely date (as well as a possible holy year)!

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I hope the fourth is 2019, for the Bab :)

Can't we have them every year? ;)

Maybe in the future they'll be more frequent, as in the future we will also have many more Houses of Worship.
I just heard a really awesome pilgrim's note... and if I could see it in writing... see the source of it, I'd post it :)
Pilgrim's notes aren't official... they're things that pilgrims hear and write down from what they've heard... they only become official if Shoghi Effendi says it's official, and Shoghi Effendi's not with us in mortality anymore, so I'll go ahead and say the unofficial pilgrims note I heard has to do with 2021.... if you know what I mean ;)