Phi says: hello out there


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I am just beginning to use this forum and wanted to say a quick hello to others on it. :)
I do have some problems with it, as sometimes when I go to preview my writing it seems to disappear. :(
I have posted on other forums but have never had this to happen before. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, as some of my responses might have garnered some understanding :confused: or brought a new thought to someone out there :D, or given a chuckle at least ;) , if they had not simply vanished into cyberspace... Help...
Perhaps the things I wrote went to another dimension where they could do more good? :eek:
Until I solve this problem, then, please excuse the occasional grammatical or spelling error, as I won't be using the preview button anymore.
Hi Phi,

oh.. i'm too clever :)

ok, not all that clever... but still... :)

welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay.

i'm not sure what could be going on with your posting. This is release candidate software, so perhaps this is a bug and it will be corrected with the RTM version is released.
Hi, Phi!

Yes, as Vaj states, we're actually running a beta version of vBulletin 3 - which is still far superior to other forum software out there - but the final version is due for release within days. :)