Human / non-human genetic experiments


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The news today is that our members of parliament are being told they must agree to experiments mixing human and non-human genes.

Scientific and medical benefits have been cited as the reason although the true reason is the prospect of making a shed-load of money.

But if this were not the case, and if there were no risks involved, and if the medical benefits were certain, would it not still be wrong? Have we lost the sense of some things being intrinsically wrong? Could we end up with a society in which humans live long and prosper but life is no longer worth living because nothing is sacred any more?

You can probably tell what I think. Or am I just being stupid?
You might want to get a grasp on dysgenics.
Dysgenics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

One thing to consider when surprising number subjects come up (abortion, euthanasia, handling of crime, medical care, charities) is the damage being done to mankind by humankind leaving the "survival of the fittest" rules. People look at genetic manipulation as the horror of trying to improve humans. But it also could be considered as the only way we will have of correcting the downgrading which is occurring without it

This movie is also fun to watch on the subject.
Idiocracy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hmm. Seems to me that natural selection is trying to tell us that intelligence is not as important as we kid ourselves it is.

Intelligence, as I recall, is defined as what intelligence tests measure. I don't know, but when I look around at the general state of the world that intelligent minds have shaped, I wonder if we wouldn't have been better off harmlessly dim.