Monotheists not in those other groups

Phi said:
To me the most primitive way of believing is to think there is only one way to what I will call the Originator of All Things. There is only one Originator of all things, but not only one way to reach out to O.
I agree, although I refer to the IS as the Creator, the concepts are the same.

I do believe that all the ways that one reaches out to a higher spirit is a way of reaching out to O. I do believe that O reaches out to each of us through whatever way we reach out to O. If we reach in darkness of our lesser emotions, we receive dark and troubling energies that may work against us to turn us toward the greater ones that lead to the gifts of the O. Therefore, I do believe that "goddesses and gods" bring some spiritual gifts and/or spiritual pain/powers, and are in this way both powerful and real.
Here, you're beginning to lose me. I realize some people believe they create their own realities (except, of course, when it comes time to be held accountable for the realities they have created!), but because someone believes a specific view from a particular vantage does not mean that view is valid for everyone else. I guess what I am trying to say, is it possible that what you view as "gods and goddesses" are merely manifestations or eminations from the one true source? That, when all is said and done, all are actually one. Not part of one, ONE.

For me O is the light and power behind all spiritual and earthly and universal and cosmological things, you see. It is always inadequate to describe O, but I am not one of those who believes that it is "sin" to try as long as one is careful not to deliberately mislead others into thinking that one knows all about O, or that O is only male, or that O is only female, or that O is only found in one way and in no other. I believe and am given that:
OK, I'm back with you, the universal IS.

" Males will be as females, and females will be as males through the birth of water(the waters of natural birth, water as earth element) and the spirit(the soul not of earth but of the Originator of all things, becoming incarnate into matter again): the cycles we must all endure in the finding of our connection to the Originator of all things. Therefore do not seek to rule over one another, but to understand one another, for you will be rewarded for your actions in another time.
But when we connect in fullness unto the Originator of all things, we have both male and female aspects of the psyche-soul, but are as light, and need not physical organs, so then we all both are and are not of male/female, and our organs return to the earth."
I'm losing you again. I'm a fervent believer in Paschal's wager. If I only get one life to lead my spirit by, I am much more inclined to live my life properly (provided I sincerely believe that I only get one chance to do things right, and I believe there is reward in afterlife, and live my life in accord with these things. Therefore, we are created as we are created, we are as we are, and we will be what we will ourselves to be.

However that being seen, and said, I most humbly do not seek to lead others to my way, but would help them withiin their own ways of seeking which is all that anyone can do. Each soul has its own way, we can only assist them in it, and love one another the while.
And now we're back on the same page again.

I feel no need to proselytize, and am not doing that here, simply attempting to explain as clearly as I can, that which is inexplicable...the O, and what it is for me.
And by the way I use O only because there is no adequate name, but the words "god" and "goddess" seem to denote a sexual meaning, and the O is all sexes and none. Other terms seem lacking too, having been used and abused. I easily respond to any other way that O might be described and do not advocate my O as the best way for anyone to describe it, but it works for me at the moment.
Actually, I think you are heading in the right direction. And then, who am I to say? Perhaps I am not heading in the right direction myself, but I travel the road I understand, and I make the most I can of the journey. Besides, laughter and enjoyment are some of the simple blessings, the ones we really create for ourselves, that we are entitled to as partial payment for our sojourn here in this experience.
juantoo3 said:
Kindest Regards, Phi!
Therein enters the faith as a grain of mustard seed, or the unwavering faith of a child. Intellect has little to nothing to do with the matter. It is nice if you have it, but like the rich man's riches, intellect can also lead one astray. When one is "in tune", one will be properly led. Intellect is not required to be "in tune," faith, hope and charity are.
Yes, that is true: faith, hope, charity and innocence are great words to describe what it takes to be in tune.
Words are hard though. They are matter. Being "in tune" is "energy/spirit/soul"
and therefore hard to get across with words. That's one of the reasons that the Christ always said "let him who has ears to hear, hear." To me this is (roughly translated) saying "if you are in tune you will undertand my meaning."
One of my beliefs is that we have to use the whole mind, meaning both sides as the brain together as one to get to a state of being in tune. Sometimes it may seem hard because our schools have instilled left brain thinking as the "best way to know." But actually we are using part of both sides all the time. To read, for example takes the "artistic" right side to see a symbol and make sense of it, the left brain makes the connections of the letters together forming a word, etcetera.
The problem for some comes with the "subjective" right brain functions like intuiting, emoting, believing, feeling.
It takes being open minded/whole minded and reaching out to the Originator of all things. When you reach this way you get a whole absorption into the energy of the O. When you reach at all, you get the O, but through your lower emotions there may be an incomplete absorption of the energy on your part.
(Like a bad phone connection on your end of a long distance conversation. The message itself is clear and message sender is speaking loud and clear, the problem is all on your end, you just can't make out what is being said. )
123 I forgot...

But intellect IS required to get through all the study and argument and dogma and indoctrination involved in religion so that you can break away to become after all that exactly what you were when you were born, innocent and open to O.
juantoo3 said:
By the way, is that "the big O?"

Sorry, couldn't resist...:D

Hey 123, No wit, no wisdom.... :D

I wondered how long it might take before someone made that symbolic connection!lol
Actually I have read in some texts that that kind of o for men or for women has been utilized as an excellent metaphor for establishing a "nirvana" or "bliss."
If that is bliss is a future place on my path I can't say, cause that's one thing I have no foresight about.
When you reach the end of the path, do you think you might look back wistfully on the journey?
After all the o of sexuality is part(as a mind/emotion energy) of the O I was talking about, and it is the height/ecstacy of a kind of communion between two humans when they love. I personally disagree with the "only virgins are pure" myth, for the act of sex is not evil.
But a negative emotive/negative motive for sex is poor choice, and leads to a poor communion/connection with O and negative feelings & energy in return. Not a good o, guilt, loss of self-esteem, a wish to avoid the person in future, and other negative feelings come to mind
Sex is like an investment: consensual sex without love gives a poor return, sex with negative motive loses all that was invested.
(I do consider any kind of forced/coerced sex to be a selfserving abomination, a form of terrorizing/brutalizing for self satisfaction without concern for the other.)

Tell me, if one believes that a female is only spiritually pure as a virgin, does that mean a male is an evil contamination/abomination to a woman's soul?
(Vice-versa has has been so often stated in various Christian texts.)
Wouldn't it follow either way, that a pregnant woman is obviously evilly contaminated?
Is a newborn innocent really a demon that should be eliminated? Why would any good God send a soul to such an "evil construct" as a newborn, were this so?
Pah! Ridiculous!
Virgins are only innocent/ignorant of their sexuality, they are not pure of soul for that, be they male or female. Virgins have been known to kill others: is the murder pure because a virgin is pure? Of course not.
Any cult, culture, or religious group that truly believed this purity=virgin myth and practised abstention without hypocrisy in the past is no longer extant, and committed cultural suicide. If the myth is a truth and comes from the true God, the "end of the world" will come for humans when we all realize it and cease procreation.
Perhaps that was the plan for some in the past to bring the Kingdom of God to all :All would die and become souls: no one would have to kill anyone to accomplish it. But it is rather arrogant for humankind to decide the "when" of the end of humankind's tenure on earth, don't you agree?

These old ideas of purity=virgin have been so long established that they are nearly subconscious and won't go away until we pull them out of subconscious' attic and dust them off, rethink them, discover the obvious and ridiculous falsity of them, and discard them.
To be in the "bliss" of enlightened communion with O continually, you would need to give up matter things and stay only with that energy. You cannot, you are matter. You must eat, drink, eliminate, sleep.
While we are on earth, we are to love one another. We are to try to make connection with the O in each other, some connection however small, that touches the souls of others. We cannot stay in isolation from the world of matter while we are doing that. using our O energy to connect with the O in others.
The first rule of O connection is to reach out with it.
Sorry, I got interrupted.
That last statement needs correction,
The first rule of O connection is to reach out for it. (Love your maker)
The second rule of O connection is to reach out with it.(Love your neighbor)
juantoo3 said:

So, do you recommend a female/matronizing portrayal? The O is indeed neutral. But O has been portrayed for centuries as patri. The matriarchal tendency of subjective intuitive and emotive might be needed and a relief from the patri tendency to left-brain through life. Why, when God is neuter. Or perhaps better understood as beyond sexuality, but encompassing the best attributes of both genders. Exactly, and it is time we started to see this in all aspects of life, to help achieve the ideal of as above, so below.
No offense taken, and I certainly mean no offense either. What I have seen of the "feminist" movement is just more of the same old tired thing in slightly different clothing. Women want what men have, so they can abuse it just as well. I see it around me all of the time. Feminism is no better, and really isn't all that much different, it still comes down to which gender wears the britches (and controls all of writing, philosophy,theology) and makes the decisions. I agree with a lot of your observation, but it is natural that when a creature has been caged, it might be dangerous and feral for a time, no? Feminism that you see is reactive. It needs to become proactive/procreative,and in becoming so it would be natural for the female to intuit that a world of woman-rule would be no better than a world of man-rule. After all when a woman looks at her baby boy, she wants a good world for him too. (I always wondered why men did not see their sweet baby girls then (in ancient times) as men seem to see them now. I hardly know a daddy whose daughter is not the apple of his eye. but men seldom take the long view.) Ideally, shouldn't it be something more like 50/50?
Of course!
Strive for the cycle of the Phi (the spiral of natural things, and of DNA)
Where both the line and circle be. (line=linear male circle=curvilinear female)
You might want to look back in my posts to read my poem on the Lillith story: the moral of the poem is that until and unless there is true mutuality between male and female, there can be no balance and no real peace.
Here, you're beginning to lose me. I realize some people believe they create their own realities (except, of course, when it comes time to be held accountable for the realities they have created!), but because someone believes a specific view from a particular vantage does not mean that view is valid for everyone else. I think this needs further understanding, some people like to make things sound mystical when they are not.
If you met me on the subway, and you were in a foul mood and a rush, you might be pushy or rude to me without eve realizing it.
Soon your reality regarding me might be created by your own actions, if I responded in kind, right? You would find me to be pushy and rude.
When you make contact with another soul/energy in a negative way, you create a negative "reality" within that relationship.
In the same way, if you call upon O with anger, envy, arrogance, hate toward another person, you will set up a "reality" for you of a "god of wrath",
because approaching the O with negative intentions gets negative result.

Didn't Jesus say this too, (go to your brother & make up your quarrel before you go to God in prayer)
I guess what I am trying to say, is it possible that what you view as "gods and goddesses" are merely manifestations or eminations from the one true source? That, when all is said and done, all are actually one. Not part of one, ONE.
Yes, all are actually ONE, and No, I thnk they are like little manifestations that come from little reaching.
(Ya can't get good volume on the radio unless you turn up the knob...)
Bad "gods" and bad "spirits" come from negative energies (as above) being sent out.
These do have power, and are the response of O to our negative energy.
Thus the ancients recognized envy, hubris, hate as evil and sin. When they unwittingly went to O in that condition, they got back an angry god. When they deliberately went in that condition, they got ....your guessed it....the debbill! :eek: :D
Now if you are struggling to control these emotions, O accepts the humility of the struggle and responds more positively. So we can turn to O with these problems of controlling negative emotions.