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Well, here is just my two cents on the whole idea that Christianity is just an amalgamation of various pagan religions that is just based on the stars and therefore the four Gospels are not original, they are false, they are not history, Christianity as we understand it today is just paganism, so on and so on.

My understanding has it that, we do not have much of the Pagan scriptures because Christians destroyed them and we only have our understanding of these religions through what Christians wrote about them.

However, in the end though, I think Christianity is original and is not pagan. I think that Attis and Mithraism was in competition with Christianity to become dominate and therefore started to copy Christian motifs.

Yes, I do think the Christians are a bit guilty of doing the same sort of thing but not in a way that it makes their religion unoriginal. I mean, the whole thing that Jesus is the reason for the season is not true. That time of the year is Pagan. They celebrated December 25th and the early church fathers just put Jesus' birthday on that day so Christianity would be more popular.

But, things like, virgin birth, ressurrection, and what not, is original to Christianity I think.

I was reading Cybele Christ by A.T. fear and he wrote that Paganism had to copy Christianity in an attempt to over come the Christian religion. Mithraism was not practiced in the way we think of Jesus back in Persia. Only in Rome. Uh Hah! See, the reason being, they wanted to over come Christianity.

The only place left where we could find a Pagan religion that is the same as Christianity but in a time before the challenge of Christianity was out there I can think of is Egypt. Egypt is close to that area for it to be believable it had penetrated the Mediterranean and at a time when there was no challenge of the Christian religion.

However, I think when people try to paint Horus to be Jesus and Isis to be Mary is wishful thinking. I mean, yes, there is a Madonna image of Isis holder her baby Horus but it ain't because she gave birth Jesus as a virgin. Nope. She had sex with I think, Osiris. I am not sure. SHe had to make a fake phallus for intercourse to be possible so, no, not Christian at all.

However, apparently, the Osiris cult did drink beer and bread that is reminiscent of the Christian communion. But so what.

I am going to finish reading Acharya S's Zeitgeist companion to see if she has anything to it but, I highly doubt it. It appears that Acharya S needs to own up to the fact that she is mistaken about Christianity being based off of Paganism and astrotheology.

I can see how 9/11 being an inside job has a strong fighting chance but Christianity is just paganism has no chance.

I just wonder why you can not do a search on astrotheology on Wikilpedia, I mean, it is no threat to Christianity, rather it confirms Christianity as not having been derived from Paganism.

Ahp, well...