Server move next week


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During the first week in April I will be moving the entire site from servers in the US to servers in the UK.

This is part of a general movement of my sites into the UK, where they are administrated from.

The reason of this is both practical and promotional: one of the one hand, I will be able to host my sites alongside my business cutomers, which have to be hosted in the UK. On the other hand, it will also give CR a niche position as the UK's premier multifaith resource and inter-faith discussion site, which will be reflected by targeted national searches in the UK.

When the move begins, I shall completely close down the forums here - they will appear closed for up to 3 days.

After that time, the domain name should have successfully propagated and you will find yourself on the new UK servers.

There should be no apparent decrease in connectivity.

Although they were hosted on the good network in Houston, Texas, the new servers are located in Interhouse Redbus III (Sovereign House) - effectively, on the backbone of the internet in London. So global connectivity should still be very good.

Anyway - you have been warned. See you on the other side. :)