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Namaste all,

so.. i'm listening to a song which contains the stanza:

she's the Robin Hood of Highgate, let the poor man get along.

using my powers i think i'm understanding the message here but i'd like to know where Highgate is and if it's reputation is that like The Hamptons in the United States i.e. an area for the rich and famous.

<+32 internets to whomever can guess the song without google!>


No idea it's some place in london.. Nothing special lol... *shruggs*

Only places I know for their reputation are places like

Moss side...
...Liverpool ;)

And so on... lol.

Looking on Wiki Camden is in highgate!!! I love Camden town lol... The air is green and smells of weed lol.
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Hi Vajradhara —

Highgate is a suburb of North London, next door neighbour to the more famous Hampstead — Hampstead Heath, a huge areas of common land, actually straddles the Hampstead/Highgate border... whilst a Highgate address means money, it tends towards the literati, and the more conservative, a 'more discreet elite' whereas Hampstead is serious money, and seriously famous ... so Highgate might consider Hampstead richer, and certainly more ostentatious, but more vulgar.

A few miles north London a steep ridge arcs across from West to East and thus was, in the past, a considerable geographical feature. The well-to-do had estates around here for huntin' and the like, benefitting from the views south across the entire city, so by the time they were swallowed up in the London 'sprawl' there were existing formal parks, stately homes, etc., and so the place retained its sense of exclusivity and social cachet.

Highgate is famous for its cemetery (very grand, Marx is its most famous resident) ... Highgate School (my wife's brothers went there) ... the Russian Trade Delegation offices, HQ of one of the Cold War spy operations ... Parliament Hill is next door, famous for kite flying ... Highpoint — two apartment blocks built in the International Style of the 1930's and as such icons of the movement ... Dick Turpin, a highwayman ... it takes its name from a toll gate there that lined the pockets of the Bishop of London, who had an estate here. There's loads of other local historical interest (but then London is creeping with the stuff) ... nearby Archway Hill boasts 'suicide bridge' which is, apparently, the most popular bridge in the world to jump from, being the highest bridge over a road (the others are over water) ... the actor Peter Sellars actually talked a man down once, when he lived in Muswell Hill ...

If you can't afford Highgate you lived in nearby Muswell Hill, which is where we lived for many years ...