Holy Spirit: feminine form?

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    thank you for the links! I've read the interview by Patricial Locke. Excellent! I'll try to get back to the thread in a few days when I can give it more time.


    I've bookmarked your page to come back to it and give it the attention it deserves when my schedule eases up a bit. I don't know if you've had the opportunity to study Baha'i at all deeply, but I think your Christ Josephine experiences may tie into this "world-regenerating outflow of spirit." Many thousands of people throughout the world have had, and are continuing to have, I think, remarkable personal experiences which are pointing them toward the Center of this global, spiritual re-Creation. I need to give your posts and links close study and thought, and I will return and try to give you some, I hope appropriate/useful, comments in the near future. I beg your patience for a little while longer as family needs & business demand my full attention at the moment!

    I'll be most interested in hearing more about your efforts to deliver your message to the proprietor of the Dome of the Rock. What a fascinating mission!

    blessings & hugs

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