Greek Belief; Nymph Worship: Basics

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Greetings friends!

If i may ask; Have you heard of Nymph worshipping? If yes then:
A. What do you know?
B. Can you give me a list of all the nymph gods??
C. Are you able to give me a list of all the nymphs???

Indeed, i am interest in. Thanks.
It's become a pretty generic term and if you research virtually any country, you will find references to it now but basic definition from the Oxford Classical dicrionary:
Other sites:

nymphs (nymph
, ‘maiden’), in Greek myth, female personifications of various natural objects, rivers, trees, mountains; they were vague beings, young and beautiful, fond of music and dancing, long-lived but not immortal, usually gentle, occasionally formidable. They possessed some divine gifts, such as that of prophecy. The nymphs of trees, especially oak trees, were called dryads (drys, originally ‘tree’, but commonly ‘oak tree’). Hamadryads were tree-nymphs whose life depended on that of their tree. Nymphs of springs, rivers, and lakes were naiads; those of mountains oreads. Before the battle of Plataea against the Persians (479 BC), the nymphs of Mount Cithaeron were among the deities to whom the Athenian commander Aristeid
s was told to pray by the Delphic Oracle.