Christianity Outside the Box

For a murderous and corrupt "institution", I find it ironic that the Catholic church so vehemently abhores abortion, the death penalty, genocide, and gives more for charity than all other Christian churches combined.

I also think that was a knee jerk response, meant to hurt someone who is at the very least, your equal in intelligence and reflection Tao. And I don't know why an intelect such as yours would do such a thing.

I am surprised, and disappointed.

Abhor ! "–verb (used with object), -horred, -hor·ring. to regard with extreme repugnance or aversion; detest utterly; loathe; abominate. " Now is that a rational approach to abortion? Even if the termination is because of a conception brought about by rape, perhaps even by one of the statistically far more probable rapes by a Catholic Priest, (statistically more probable than by a stranger). But dont worry once the Priest has done that there was Charity!! The girl would have the child ripped from her and never see it again. As a "fallen" woman she would be sent off to the Catholic workhouse to be abused and beaten and made to work like a slave. Dont you just love Catholic Charity!! That is not sensationalising. That is the real life story of 10s, maybe 100s of thousands of brittish and Irish girls through last century....not ancient history at all.

Genocide!! Like the 450,000 people who died in the Balkans in Catholic Run Concentration Camps during WW2 ? Camps operated and overseen by people reporting directly to and recieving their orders from Pope Pius X1. You are right these people who died there did not recieve a death penalty, because there was no trial, no crime, except not being Catholic. Again NOT ancient history, my Grandfather fought there and he is still alive. And again no public acknowledgement from the Catholic Church and certainly no apology. Such a noble institution!

More recently in Argentina Catholic leaders have been proven in court to have played instrumental roles in mass muder during the Junta. No public acknowledgment from Rome, no discommunication from the Church. The truth is writ large. Business as usual.

Personal attack? I have been censored for a personal attack on a church, not a person. I have no doubt Thomas is my superior in raw intelligence and intellect, it is just a shame he uses it to avoid my questions rather than answering them. But this is the Catholic "party line". So I expected little else. Very recent Catholic Crimes Against Humanity are being systematically ignored. The collusion in the cover up is shameful and at the very least creates the impression of unaccountability being a right of a Church. With this I have vehement objection.