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NE, England
Do not understand why Susma Rio Sep has been suspended. I know he sounded off a wee bit at the moderators but I have never seen anything wrong with his posts as I can be as blunt as he is.
Often he would add a little humour into a very serious debate or ask a pointed question when needed.
So why?
Namaste suanni,

thank you for the query.

*Moderator Hat ON*

Susma was warned multiple times about various posts that other users of the forum found offensive. He was asked to modify his posting style to be less combative and confontational and to demonstrate a modicum of respect for others beliefs.

He failed to comply and thus earned a temporary suspension from the site. Brian has stated on several occassions that this is a "time out" for Susma to determine if he'd like to continue to participate with the community whilst adhereing to the Code of Conduct. This is not a permenant ban from the community.

*Moderator Hat OFF*
I personally don't see any malice behind Susma's posts - but he has unfortunately offended multiple people across multiple faiths, who have not been as sympathic to his posting as I.

Unfortunately, he has been unable to understand in what way he may have been offensive, and became a little unhealthily obsessed with the Code of Conduct, displinary procedure, and the abilities of the moderators here.

I have no intention of banning Susma outright - the idea is simply to allow him a couple of weeks to really think about how he can better participate here. I consider this to be very important.

I really value the contribution Susma has made to this community, and I want to see it continue - but he has to be able to recognise for himself how to be a little more sensitive to the feelings of other members here. I intend to help him work with this though.

I would rather we act now and resolve the issue constructively than have the issue forced on us at some later stage by one or more irate members.