Gregorian Chant ;-)

I like Gregorian chant Luna. But I really recommend Russian orthodox choral music-as in sung in Russian-if you can find it. earl
(Thomas, cover your eyes.)

Luna, m'dear, I've taken to covering my eyes (well, one of 'em) every time I read your posts, since your new avatar :eek:

... Hey Earl, they can give it some, eh?

Then there's the deep Tibetan chanting (name escapes me) ...

I've got a CD of Corsican Polyphony (Catholic liturgy) ... wow ... six voices sounding like 60, and the harmonies.

Of course, the choirs of angels probably beat us hands down for purity ... but when it comes to giving the voice some body, some belly ... word on the street is they can't do Rock 'n' Roll, and when it comes to the Blues, well, it takes a body to do that justice!

I do like the 'Masters of Chant' even though their music is a little more complex than ordinary Gregorian chant.