Few pointers if I may, where would I look in the NT to find where it confirms the OT laws are no longer in effect?

Mt 5:38,39, "You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.'. But I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also."

Mt. 5:43,44, "You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven."

John 15:12-15, "This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends. Your are My friends if you do whatever I command you. No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made know to you."
First off remember that if you are bound by the law you are judged by that law and being born again you are saved by Gods grace and that means your saved even though you shouldnt be.

We are Justified which means to make or declare pure/free/righteous” concerning the moral state of an individual

We are Sanctified which means separated from evil and dedicated to God. This is the way that God sees us.

[FONT=Arial, Geneva, Helvetica]1 Corinthians 6:11 And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God. [/FONT]

Secondly, you need to know the distinction between the moral law which is the 10 commandments and the mosaic law which is the law you read in leviticus.

We are bound by the moral law in that Jesus said that they are all summed up by loving God and loving your neighbor.

Matthew 22:37-40 [FONT=Arial, Geneva, Helvetica]7 Jesus said to him, "'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.' This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets." [/FONT]

now I think your question is on the Mosaic law. The following passage from Romans 1: 1-4 make this clear:

' There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death. For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh: that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.'


For the law was given by Moses but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. John 1: 17


Now we know that what things soever the law says, it says to those who are under the law, that every mouth may be stopped , and all the world may become guilty before God. Therefore by the deeds of the law no person be justified in his sight for by the law is the knowledge of sin. Romans 3: 19-20


Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ that we might be justified by faith. Galatians 3 : 24


Knowing this that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law, for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.Galatians2:16

When Paul was preaching freedom from the law...people called Judaisers would follow after and preach that gentiles had to become jews before they could be christians. Peter heard this and you can read his response in Acts 15:7-11

"...Brothers, you know that in the early days God chose me to be the one among you through whom the Gentiles would hear the message of the gospel and believe. God, who knows everyone's heart, showed them he approved by giving them the Holy Spirit, just as he did to us. He made no distinction between them and us, because he cleansed their hearts by faith. So why do you test God by putting on the disciples' neck a yoke that neither our ancestors nor we could carry? We certainly believe that it is through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ that we are saved, just as they are."

I know theres a lot more but I thought maybe this might be a start.

Few pointers if I may, where would I look in the NT to find where it confirms the OT laws are no longer in effect?

JEHOVAH gave the nation of Israel the Law, with its many features.

Regarding them, the apostle Paul wrote: "They were legal requirements pertaining to the flesh and were imposed until the appointed time to set things straight." (Hebrews 9:10)

When the Law led a remnant of Israelites to accept Jesus as the Messiah, or Christ, it had fulfilled its purpose.

Thus, Paul declared: "Christ is the end of the Law."—Romans 10:4; Galatians 3:19-25; 4:4, 5.

Does this mean that the Law is not binding upon us today?

Actually, the vast majority of humankind never were under the Law, as the psalmist explained: "[Jehovah] is telling his word to Jacob, his regulations and his judicial decisions to Israel. He has not done that way to any other nation; and as for his judicial decisions, they have not known them." (Psalm 147:19, 20)

When God established the new covenant on the basis of Jesus’ sacrifice, even the nation of Israel was no longer under obligation to obey the Law. (Galatians 3:13; Ephesians 2:15; Colossians 2:13, 14, 16)

If, then, the Law is no longer binding, what does Jehovah ask of those who desire to serve him today?

its all about listening to Jesus and what he taught and did ,
and Jesus said love of God, and love for neighbor . its all that is needed​
You might also want to compare Romans 2 with Jeremiah 31:31-34

Jeremiah was also the prophet who pointed out, "How can you say, 'We are wise, we have the law of the Lord'? Why, that has been changed into falsehood by the lying pen of the Scribes!", which deals a death blow to those who believe the Bible inerrant.