Multiverse or G-d?

Multiverse or G-d?

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Can I say "David Bohm" ?

Yeh down those lines... some way at least. We will never really know is the best answer we will ever have though it is fun to look at its complexity ;)

Seattlegal said:
will quantum fluctuations allow the infinite quality of a fractal to exist in nature? {In other words: is an infinite multiverse actually feasible in a physical way, given the (uncertain) nature of quantum fluctuations?}?
Tao_Equus said:
On what is quantum scale to us may well be other dimensional folds that have a replicated yet unique version of our space time...and they go on infinitely.

I simply cannot imagine reality being finite. The implications of that are huge. God could not exist in the infinite except as a local event.
Quantum fluctuations (and subsequent duality) seem to be on a time-line that is 90 degrees from our own, mathematically an unmeasured dimension. I think that's why physicists are stuck with using statistics to describe quantum behavior. I'm not claiming to have worked with the math functions involved, just saying what it looks like to me.

It seems unlikely the physical universe would ever exhaust numerical potential. The branch of Math called Real Analysis says there are multiple levels of the infinite on any number line: The integers are infinite, yet there are also an infinite number of points between any two rational integers and so forth. Some things are more infinite than others, yet I don't see how the physical could outstrip the ideal in that respect.