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Lose weight the seemed right way

1. Find out a popular fad diet (juice fasting, the Hollywood Cookies diet or the Grape fruit diet should be working in this situation) and adopt it for a week.

2. Go to a gym each day and try to do the bench press. Complete your workout with one hundred abdominal crunches.

3. Drink no less than two glasses of Gatorade and begin running for sixty minutes each day.

4. Eat no more than 3 times everyday and do not eat after six clock in the afternoon.Not eating real food, focusing on pre-packaged foods and protein bars .

5. Dramatically cut down the intake of your calorie . If you have eaten more than eight hundred calories one day, you will have a cold shower for ten minutes.

6. Do not have breakfast. Just drink two cups of coffee and have a low fat muffin.

7. Smoke half a pack one day and take diet medication pills.

Lose weight the right way

1. Eat a healthy and big breakfast each day. You require calories to jump start your metabolism after a night of sleeping.

2. Do not calculate calories. Eat thin protein,vegetables and fruits as much as you like, and stay in hydrated condition.

3. Swim or walk for no less than 30 minutes each day. If you possess a weight scale at home,try to hide it somewhere and avoid weighing yourself for at least 2 weeks.

4. Spread out your daily calories among 5 small meals and do not get yourself feel hungry for extended period of time. If you get the feeling of hungry, eat!

5. Bring healthy snacks with you as you will leave your house. While you get the feeling of hungry between the regular meals, try to use the snacks.

6. Do not set a lose weight target. Instead of having a thought "I must lose ten pounds in 2 weeks",you should pay attention to develop healthy eating habits and stay physically active. Try for a dance,riding a bike,hike,playing with your kids.

7. Most importantly,have the faith with yourself! Thousands and Hundreds of people lose weight successfully each day. It is neither a lottery nor a rocket science.

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