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As you've probably noticed, the move didn't go at all as smoothly as planned...

The first problem is that I shut down the forum - but it wasn't until the following day that I realised that I hadn't actually begun the process of propagating the domain name - ie, pointing it to the new servers.

And after I did that I found there was an issue with the nameservers being pointed to - effectively, that I needed to edit the DNS info without realising exactly what I needed to do.

The next problem is that the forum was moved to servers administrated by completely different software - a move from Ensim to CPanel. That meant issues with the database being set up. I contacted support at the new host - and received no reply. After two days of not hearing anything I chased them up on their site and told them I couldn't keep CR here if they weren't going to respond to my support requests. That meant the threat of having to move everything again with more downtime (at least the main site was up by then).

Turns out the problem was my e-mail - they had replied - but the e-mail I'd given them I'd inadvertently forgotten to re-create, as the domain it was running from had also earlier been propagated!

Then there was the issue of dealing with the database directly - the orignial backup had become corrupted so I had to go back to my old host for and download a new backup via SSH before the account was closed irrevocably - I managed to get a copy, then I couldn't upload it here because the raw SQL file was too large (the forum database is 44 MB).

The host used the command line of the server to sort this out after I uploaded the database elsewhere on the server - but all the database paths were wrong because it was all configured for the Ensim server and not the CPanel server...

...so we had to got through all that again.

But - finally - it's all set-up!

There are probably a few small bugs to address (I've also upgraded the forum in the process), but overall -

- we're all setup again! And in the UK!


And also to the UK's largest religious resource site. :)
Oh - and I've just given the header graphic a little facelift. :)

Nothing special, but anything is better thann nothing at the moment.

We've been calling it CR got a while now - needed stating as part of the design. And we display our new title as the UK's biggest religious resource site. :)

I;m working on our new directory - I'll launch that next week, then relaunch the site with an e-mail to all members next Thursday/Friday time. :)