Legal Case Against God Dismissed

A US judge has thrown out a case against God, ruling that because the defendant has no address, legal papers cannot be served........

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Legal case against God dismissed

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To sue God in the U.S., I'd think he'd need a legal identity in the country. An address is one thing.

A birth certificate, driver's license, bank account, passport, certificate of citizenship, a photo (what does he look like, does he have a body? :)), medical records.

It would also have to be possible to arrest, incarcerate and detain God and for Him to be physically and tangibly present in the court-room.

Because God doesn't have a legal identity in the country, I guess that means he's an illegal immigrant that possibly needs to be deported. But again, there's going to be problems trying to arrest and detain him because He's practically untouchable. This would be a very difficult operation for the Immigration Department to conduct IMHO.
Reminds me of the connoly film... "The man who sued god." His boat gets destroyed by a lightining storm if memory serves me well.... And the insurance will not cover him calling it under the "act of god" clause..... So... He takes him to court..... Can't remember much but don't think it was that good... Then again I don't find connoly that funny... lol