Inculcating Violence

Discussion in 'Islam' started by The Dude, Oct 22, 2008.

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    I have tried to chop wood with an axe, it needs a lot of skill, same is the case with knives, saw etc.

    May be (not sure), the question is, how poor, & how many.

    Not everything can be free

    Edit: I forgot, amputation is the final punishment for stealing in Islam, not the first. Other than stealing, there is a long list of prerequisites that need to be fulfilled in order to declare somebody eligible for amputation. Like he shouldnt be needy, blackmailed, mad etc.
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    Of course everything can be free.... lol. :p But that is swaying from topic and will go waaay further down stream I feel lol.

    So you have to go through alot of work and such to "declare someone eligible for amputation" lmao.... Make it sound like it is an NHS waiting list......... Wouldn't want to be in that queue lol... Abdul will see you now mwahahahaha
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    It is interesting how InHumility always emphasizes "I am Ahmadi peaceful Muslim." :) Tell you what: I am a (Sunni) Muslim, always have been and never attacked anyone in my life! :) The same thing can say many Muslim Sunnis around the globe.
    Anyway. I think the question that should be raised is whether Muslims as a community should think of different ways to approach crime and human rights. Certainly, the chopping of hands etc does sound a bit extreme (and it is), but perhaps the idea of it could be used as a threat rather than actual punishment (unless a person is a pathological rapist, killer, pedophile--I feel no compassion for that kind).
    It is interesting that non-Muslims always express "concern" for poor Muslim criminals who get their hands chopped off, but then when non-Muslims attack Muslim majority nations then they beat them (remember Brithish soldiers beating Iraqi kids?), rape them (remember the young girl who was raped and then killed with the her siblings and parents?), then Abu Ghraib prison, etc. Somehow, when they attack Muslim nations, all Muslims there are "Talibans" or "AlQuaida" or some sorry scum that "deserve" tortures.
    Now, you cannot preach humane treatment of people if you yourself do not stand up to the plate and do the same. I hate those double standards!
    I bet you if someone could get bin Laden, many non-Muslims (and Muslims too) would love to chop his hands off and many more, no?

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