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So, what is someone really saying when they say, "God Bless you to me?" What does it mean? Why do people say it?

I have my own person thoughts on what it means but, I thought I'd ask people here to fill me in. I take it that when people say it, they mean that may all that is good, love, god, to dwell in my mind and in my heart. May that I stay connected with that which is holy.

As a Buddhist, it is said that Buddha nature is a very much a part of our being. That, we just have to realize what we have always had. That pure mind. That Buddha consciousness. That Buddha Heart. That Buddha nature.

I have heard that Christians explain that they have touched upon the holy spirit. As a Buddhist, I recognize that as Buddha nature. That divine consciousness.

So, if someone says, "God Bless you." Are they saying, "May that I stay connected to the holy spirit?"

Are they wishing me well? Like, may you happiness continue, may happiness increase, may your happiness never end.
So, what is someone really saying when they say, "God Bless you to me?" What does it mean? Why do people say it?

Dear Manji2012,

I would suggest that the simple fare (thee) well and may the gods be with you developed into blessings in monotheism. To get a good idea of an original idea and intent, see the Aaronic or priestly blessing below.



  • "Bene" means "good" as in the English word benefit.
    "diction" means "pronouncement" as in the English word dictation.

    Notice that benedictions are not about what people do for God, but what God does for people. That's consistent with the (protestant) gospel (good news) that God provides salvation through Jesus Christ not through what we do, but out of God's kindness.
    The Hebrew word for blessing, benediction — b'ra·khah, pl. B'rakhah·khot — comes from berekh ("knee"), thus making a connection between worship and kneeling. To "make a B'rakhah"is to say a blessing, to bless. Mt 9:8+. Source: Stern, D. H. 1989. Jewish New Testament : A translation of the New Testament that expresses its Jewishness (1st ed.) . Jewish New Testament Publications: Jerusalem, Israel; Clarksville, Md., USA

The Aaronic Benediction

Copied and pasted from Benedictions and Blessings, where a great collection of blessings may be found.
well, that sermon about tha Aaronic benediction was a fine explaination of the meaning of the phrase " God bless you".