Esp test

Well I tried some Zen meditation and said a hail mary while facing mecca and got this result!!:rolleyes:


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well, tried the test... got 4 out of 25 hits... no evidence of psychic powers there, then..

the problem with this test, and all those like it is...

you need two real live ppl... one to send and one to receive... with only one person and a computer- how can u read a computer?

as well as this... after playing the game a few times, I learnt that there is an order to the cards, so scored higher on my last go than on my first...mmm
I did it a few times too and noted the numbers of each type of card. It appeared random to me. What I noticed was I have a tendency to predict the card after the one I am meant to predict.

The reason I found this site was I was thinking of devising an experiment for us here, to play with. Anybody willing to take up that challenge?