May 2, 2022

Adam and Eve Were the First Reincarnated Humans

by Interfaith

I wish to share some discoveries I have made regarding Reincarnation in the Bible. To keep things simple however, I will just focus on the very first Humans to be Reincarnated. They are Adam and Eve.

Of course, the average Christian would scream “BLASPHEMY!” upon hearing this. The reason they do this is because they are ‘told’ not to take certain verses literally.

Here is a perfect example…

Genesis 2:17
But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Some are told that the word ‘Day’ is literal, as in twenty-four hours or less. The phrase ‘Surely Die’ however, is then changed into something non-literal to hide Reincarnation from the masses. Often it is changed to ‘Spiritually Die’.

Note that there is no such thing as ‘Spiritual Death’ in the Bible. Again, this is a made-up term to hide Reincarnation from the masses.

Some are taught the opposite. They are told that the phrase ‘Surely Die’ is definitely literal, however the word ‘Day’ is then changed to ‘a long period of many years’.

Thus, the Christian is allowed two choices generally…

#1) Day = Literal and Surely Die = Not Literal


#2) Day = Not Literal and Surely Die = Literal

Note that it is perfectly acceptable to choose either ‘Day’, or ‘Surely Die’, as being literal. But! If you choose both ‘Day’ and ‘Surely Die’ as being literal, you will be forever deemed a ‘Heretic’ and ‘Blasphemer’, a ‘Devil’, etc.

This brings us to option #3, which is to simply believe the entire verse is literal without changing anything…

#3) Day = Literal and Surely Die = Literal

And because almost every person that studies the Creation Account never bothers to even consider option #3, they have no idea in the world that an utterly incredible lesson is being taught.

Not only did Adam and his Wife die physically after partaking the Forbidden Fruit, on that very day, but they were also REINCARNATED with new bodies that were different then what they had before.

As astonishing as all of this sounds, it is all there in the original text. Nothing added, nothing changed. No Book of Enoch or outside sources of information has been inserted.

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