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Sep 27, 2020
Sep 28, 2004
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Sep 27, 2020
    1. Snoopy
      yes! pass the biscuits!
    2. Saltmeister
      the coffee drinker is back!
    3. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      I see your ass sneaking in here like some kinda ninja master of jewjitsu!
    4. juantoo3
      Haven't heard from you in a while, I hope all is OK with you and yours.
    5. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      Think..... Farenheit... WAIT!!! That's not all... Think, farenheit AND think.... Fallout 3..... Combined.. Then, sir, then you have an idea of I am alive. :D
    6. 17th Angel
      17th Angel

      The Survival game.... "I am alive." You no heard of this one?
    7. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      "I am alive." Awww man, it's gonna be tits! :D
    8. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      o'lulz it's Dauer.
    9. Avi
      Mayflower looks good ! I am a big fan of porters. How does it compare to the gold standard, Guiness ??
    10. Avi
      Hey Dauer, I have not been checking my profile page, and just now saw your message. My favorite beer is Sierra Nevada Brewery (SNB) Pale Ale. It is a nice blend of Cascade Hops, barley malt and Canadian grains. There are a couple of other reasons I also like SNB, I will tell them to you off-line.
    11. wil
      Why did you hold hands with a girl? (some sitcom joke I woke up to) and then I went off and tagged Shawn.
    12. dauer
      Whatever I've got in the house.
    13. Saltmeister
      virtual salt, metaphorical salt, metaphysical salt, symbolic salt, allegorical salt, fictional salt, fantasy salt, anything but physical salt
      how about u? what kind of coffee?
    14. Saltmeister
      dauer: my salt is a different kind of salt
    15. wil
      yes and no, was and wasn't, fell asleep...computer was on but nobody home.
    16. Dream
      Sounds good but its gotta be 1000 twitch or no deal. I heard there's some decaff goin' around.
    17. Dream
      So how much coffee are we talking about?
    18. wil
      oogie....I use it all the time, don't know where it came from, couldn't find a definition that fit the definiton in my mind. Oogie, something that gives you chills, something a little bit beyond or a lot beyond comfortable, bordering on disgust.
    19. wil
      nudge nudge wink wink is just way to oogie in that conversation.
    20. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      That vid wasn't that great :/

      You don't know what a jaffa cake is? This is fawking heresy!

      Captin's log: Further note.. You mock me for looking up series info on IMDB.... Yet you google Jaffa cakes LOL ***** plz.
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