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Sep 27, 2020
    1. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      Do you live alone or with your gf? or with family? Hope not too personal. Like if you live with your girlfriend do you go to your parents for shabbat? because the start/kindle of candles and first blessing is done by the woman of the house right?
    2. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      Shabbat shalom, veShavua Tov! [IMG]

      What you got planned?! What's up? What's for dinner? [IMG]
    3. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      You seen that new movie? Oh it's got uhm... What's he called in it... The black guy.
    4. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      [IMG] What?! I didn.... OH wait... Yeah... You... How terrible they should be ashamed! [IMG]
    5. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
    6. 17th Angel
      17th Angel

      10 characters
    7. c0de
      dude that is frekkin AWSOME!
    8. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      Lucifer Python is my name...

      The rest I'll have to do at home on my own network and not my works lol.
    9. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      I was just signing up.... The surnames are messed up...

      Yeah I thought I just crack a joke with then name.
    10. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      I was reading about "making your own business" I guess it could be tempting to start my own gallery there... But, I doubt I'd make much money lol.... And I couldn't deal with loss.. That would incite me to rage.

      I think it would be cool to make it a gallery, like that be sweet... Could design a studio and display areas and wear a french berret and have a suave goatee.... Black and white stripped clothing... rose coloured glasses... And get a snooty up tight, looking down their nose crew to come and sip champagne with me! :D

      lol... Seriously though, a gallery would be freaking awesome... Perhaps try and encourage even more artists to hail under my banner... And then mutilate to tattoo/gallery area... Like can you charge people to customise their skin? (tattoo/ink people)
      Question what is it with the name Malachi? (Children of the corn fan???) You seem to use that name on alot........
    11. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      I might have a go on it :/ But, I dunno.... I tend to avoid software which costs money..... Or if it is something I really like/want I make or find a way around costs.. But not sure if I would with 2ndlife.
    12. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      Wow... People make a real income lol... That is crazy...
    13. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      lmao.... Work? how gay is that.... (no offense lol)

      A virtual world where I can work.... who in their right freaking mind wants to come home from work to go to freaking work....

      Interesting... It says "work, love, shop, explore, blah, blah blah...." Is crime an option? Like could I vandalise/steal someone elses property? Or isn't it -that- real?... Peaceful games are a snore :/ But I'd love to go there and cause chaos.
    14. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      What on earth does Second life mean?
    15. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      No! No, I used the la.. Yeah... 'My Hebrew Dictionary'
    16. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      You's for reels??? It's just two words! How could I make that much of a mistake!?!? just 'monkey' and 'tickler'... :/
    17. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      You's for reels? You don't understand? :/ I called you a monkey tickler..... :/ *sighs* I thought we'd be able to start using Hebrew as like a secret code like....

      סרחון לוחם

      hehe... Hey there Paladin... ;)
    18. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
      מצב מיוחדל השתובב
    19. Paladin
      Happy first day of spring!
    20. 17th Angel
      17th Angel
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