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  • I hope you are OK Aupmanyav, India is having a bad time with Covid-19 and I hope you and family can get through the crisis.

    All the best to you and family, Regards Tony
    Thanks Tony. Safe till now. The big question for the day is whether lock-down ends on 17th or continues. :)
    Tony Bristow-Stagg
    Great to hear, stay safe and I hope life gets back to health and normality for you all. Regards Tony
    Thank you.
    Some fail to see that I don't seek agreement, nor am I saying it's Christianity or bust. What I am saying is that at least try and be logical.
    I enjoy yours, by the way. We'll just have to keep going until we find something we can both agree on!
    Are you really 71? I'm 60. How about young people? I delight in the company of the young, but surely we can agree they can be a pain in the ass at times!
    You oughta stop by introductions and give us some insight as to your beliefs and where you are coming from.....enjoying the discussions
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