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  • I cannot claim it. I saw a cat with that name on the website for my local Humane Society (I hope she was adopted into a loving home.) She even had a video made while she was there.

    I would've adopted her if I had the funds and the room for two active :kitty:s
    Keikeilani has taken over your bandwidth as her territory (much quieter than mine with all of the :kitty:s.)

    Otherwise, the rest of the :kitty:s are trying to cheer me up after I read a news story about a man that disappeared in late 2007, and his body was found January 23.

    Of this year.

    He left behind a 14 year old daughter (no, she lives with her mother who didn't marry her daughter's biological father.)

    Sorry about the depressing news. Keikeilani's waiting to cheer you up, toy mouse in her mouth.
    *a lone :kitty: slips onto poh's section and drops her "paper of introduction" at the Hawaiian's feet. The Hawaiian sees just one word on it, apparently the :kitty:'s name - Keikilani*

    Are you going to welcome her?

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    *a cute :kitty: sneaks onto poh's visitor section, a piece of paper clenched in her mouth. She drops it at poh's feet, recipe-side up.*

    Mango Nut Bread Recipe | Taste of Home Recipes

    *she lays down, stretches, then takes a catnap, leaving all future decisions on what to do with the recipe up to the Hawaiian*

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    Hey Poh, I did get your message. I'm sorry to hear you've lost your job. It's a very tough economy.
    Hey Poh. I heard you're getting/got a bad storm in Hawaii. Hope all is okay. And it's great to see you around again. btw I don't know if you've started doing this, but to respond to a post on your page click the "view conversation" link underneath a person't comment. That way it'll post to their page. -- Dauer
    It is good to see you around! Stay for awhile and enjoy yourself, won't you please? You have been missed.

    I'm wondering if you are unsure about how to "friend" someone who has sent a "friendship request", just make sure little box in the corner is checked, then click "accept".

    Sorry if I'm jumping to conclusions and landing in an erupting Mauna Loa. *blush*

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    Mahalo nui for the message Dauer - all is well and I have been browsing but not posting - I'm still following the path of Judiasm and hope to convert one day, but a few things have gotten in my way (not much family support in all of this). I haven't been posting much because truthfully I feel that some of my thoughts and interpretations are seen as outside the circle - I don't think I have missed the mark, but I can't seem to find the words that clearly express what I see in my thoughts. I read your posting all the time (and love them) as well as BB's - I have learned much from both of you. I will get back to some posting - one small thing to share about my thoughts right now by the way - I am so absolutely convinced that the Mosiach will return and the temple will be rebuilt and in our time - there is so much light at the end of the tunnel and so much truth in what many of those old Rabbi's understood. In fact I'm going to post a great story about and a survivor of the Holocaust that is undergoing his bar mitzvah ceremony (he is 78 years old) in Sacramento, California .... my heart glows at the thought of how happy he is. Aloha nui, poh
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