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  • "Atlatls....maybe not a historian, but you must have played one whilst watching TV..."

    Wil - no TV for me, got rid of it 12 years ago and have never looked back...
    "Are you sure you are from Iowa? hmmm must be downwind from Fairfield and MUM."

    Wil - in Iowa downwind is always relative to where manure was recently spread :) But yes, living in Iowa 'till the daughter is done with school. Have lived in many other states, but currently loving life in Rural America...
    Is that what you call it?? I thought it was just the ramblings of a raving unitic
    Wow... I really love that free will jazz scat you did. Kinda like the scat I did concerning Divine Inspiration once I threw out the scientist.
    lol Yeah I've had it for a few months now, I like what it symbolises. :)

    A reverse Mohawk! lol Excellent, perhaps with an "inverted Mohawk" you get the reverse symbolism. That would be good.

    I think if I got to that stage, I would perhaps keep my head shaved, although for a little while I would 'sport' the hairstyle as I try to sport as many hairstyles that are known to man lol.
    Ah I still sadly have Work issues :/ *sighes, composes self* Fight on! Good to hear still feeling your way round too! lol, so what is MMA?
    lol You will have to expand on that one? lol Mixed Martial Arts? Oh wait... Marine Military Academy That sounds more suiting, is it that one? lol. It's about a month old that shot... My Mohawk is more pronounced now :D I have been ok still feeling my way around, yourself?
    Good to hear from you my friend, I hope life is treating you and yours well. Metaphorical hugz back
    hey there wil. lol, His family is from Michigan, so its all about snow!!! But we have been over there in Michigan this last month and they only got a little bit of snow.... got back here... Crickey!!! 7 feet of snow.... well, I did ask for it i suppose!!
    hey, i shared my idea of the soul on your thread called "do you have a soul?" i'll return in the future after learning more. i think the topic is interesting.
    yeah, i agree with the spong. and, yeah, this is a late reply, eh?! how's it hangin', wil?
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