Oct 17, 2005
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April 15
a figment of your imagination
? darn good question

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UNeyeR1, from a figment of your imagination


I reserve the right to change my thoughts/opinions based on new information and a newer understanding. Oct 2, 2021

    1. AllenPapapetrou
      Hi wil,
      I recently joined the interfaith forum. As a moderator on other forums I'm very aware of Rules and enforcing them. A lot of what I write will come from my two published books available from Amazon or me directly.

      I'm here to learn, to discover my "boxes" and go beyond them. In this process I will be drawing from my thoughts, feelings, and my published and unpublished writings.

      I anticipate some people might want to know where they can get some of my writings.

      May I post the following topic in Introductions forum:
      Subject: Allen's Writings
      If you are interested in my unpublished writings, please contact me by private message or email.

      If you are interested in my published writings, please do an Amazon search on my full name: "George Allen Papapetrou".
      Aloha.. Allen

      Is the above acceptable in the Introductions forum? If not, then what would you suggest?

      I could, yet prefer not to, post links to my websites.
      Thanks.. Allen
    2. wil
      things with me are good...my twins are headed into their third year in college....I'm gonna give up my life of laziness for a few years so I can be even lazier in the future....family is all well... I really can't complain.

      and you?
    3. NiceCupOfTea
      Hi Wil, its quiet round here these days,

      how are things with you ?
    4. Aupmanyav
    5. wil
      lol, I almost said that parent fighting bit
    6. A Cup Of Tea
      A Cup Of Tea
      I know, everyone makes their own with what they got. I just like it more when everyone gets along and sometimes that just slips out. The kids don't like it when daddy and daddy are fighting! Love you both tho, keep it up!
    7. Qu'otar
      right you are! thanks!
    8. Dream
      Not making a point, Wil. Good to see you again, that's all.
    9. wil
      why thank you V!
    10. Dream
      All this time you been running around the world and you think you can just come back into our lives? Woah, buddy, there is a new application process!
    11. wil
      Ncot.....busy...trying to stop in...

      v..... thanx bunches
    12. Vajradhara
      happy birthday Wil!!! :) i hope you have a lovely day celebrating your arising!

    13. NiceCupOfTea
      Hey Wil, where you been ?

      Not seen you posting for a while ?
    14. Dream
      That's super nice of you to say, Wil, and though you say it to everybody I think you always mean it. A post is a green potato chip. Let it pass on through keeping any nutrition, and crap the rest out.
    15. A Cup Of Tea
      A Cup Of Tea
      I will meditate on this :)
    16. A Cup Of Tea
      A Cup Of Tea
      Thanks for backing me up in my introduction, I was very annoyed by him.
    17. Dream
      Tag! You're It.
    18. Ahanu
    19. IowaGuy
      "Atlatls....maybe not a historian, but you must have played one whilst watching TV..."

      Wil - no TV for me, got rid of it 12 years ago and have never looked back...
    20. IowaGuy
      "Are you sure you are from Iowa? hmmm must be downwind from Fairfield and MUM."

      Wil - in Iowa downwind is always relative to where manure was recently spread :-) But yes, living in Iowa 'till the daughter is done with school. Have lived in many other states, but currently loving life in Rural America...
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    April 15
    a figment of your imagination
    ? darn good question
    Just an old hippie, tryin real hard to adjust.

    exploration of inner and outer space