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  • Oh I wish lol..... You're refering to the hair on my head right? The hair is a wig! I'd love to have that kind of hair though be amazing!!

    The facial hair is mine though lol.
    Know many Muslim states and Pakistan also have hosting services but the thing is we have to pay and also if its free it has lesser space our Country and Muslim states give freedom of speech with Ethical behavior... its funny how can you make hosting to say that country does not allow freedom of are really funny Tao really its sounds like go and search "ptcl" in google and see their hosting service they have and i do not agree with what you say but for once i agree to you statement ... why do not they allow an Islamic SIte........ You are real humors man Tao... but you should make some sense in it.. though
    But you cannot get it from a muslim state of course. Because muslim states do not allow freedom. So you have to go to the decadent west that allows you freedoms Islam denies you. lol. Says everything.
    because its the best free hosting services i can get from ... i don't go for offshore or what ever it is you have suggested but for better service from which i get i just get that... I hope it would have been Pakistani or from Muslim State i would have opted that for sure
    Tell me, why do you hide your site on little regulated offshore sites? First Montserrat and now the Kokos Islands. Is it because you cannot trust a site to be hosted in your own Islamic homeland?
    it was a beautiful day and experience. I can understand why some people would just want to jump in their boat and sail away. I dont know how I would handle rough weather, tho. LOL
    i spent the day on the boat, it was lovely. i felt right at home. although, I didnt have to do any of the actual sailing, i just sat there like a princess. LOL
    user kaspersky its the best antivirus in the town... but its too expensive ..... you know i don't install anti virus at all...:) but i install windows alot...once in every week at 1 time i installed almost 4 times:D
    LOL. funny guy!!!lol So far , this year, I havent had a computer issue, but last year, I ended up spending as much as the computer was bought for, on fixing it.!!!! So far the "AVG" antivirus thing i have is working great!!
    thanks Islamis4u, i dont have a computer issue at the moment, but i generally do sooner or later. LOL. thanks for the offer, tho.
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