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  • I just thought I might add .... that I hope you haven't lost anything at home in the Sunshine State. Things don't seem to have been so sunny for the Queens' lately. They've been hit by a flood and then by a cyclone. I hope the kids are ok.
    Thanks grey! But there's no valentine for me this year, and I'm not too fussed anyway. Some not so pleasant experiences in my life have turned me off to seeking potential valentines. I'm currently enjoying my single life.

    Congratulations and wish you well with your valentine!
    oMG at the new avatar, have you two tied the knot? If so my very hearty congratulaions to you both and I hope you have a long and happy life together xx
    Concerning your question about the word "mensch", I can best explain it through example.

    The family I used to live next door to before I moved into my apartment used to help my family without expecting anything in return. In fact, the family was a real help from the time my family moved to Milwaukee through my mother's funeral and beyond. In fact, when we were trying to move into the old house, they invited us into their home while we waited for a locksmith to replace the old locks (the locks were so old that the key was actually a skeleton key, and the key broke in the lock and half fell between the house and the steps leading up to it.) They never saw us before, but they invited everybody, including our calico cat and our goldfish, into their house.

    I just thought of another example that you are more familiar with than me: the parable of the Good Samaritan. The Samaritan in the parable was a "mensch"
    How is your river doing, and did you manage to get all of those tents taken down?

    Would you like to share this? *holds out a Cherry-Ripe flavored angel food cake with a couple of Cherry-Ripe candy bars*
    Ok, well I don't know that much about crab. Blue crab I recall is a sort of sweet meat, but not sugary sweet. I've tasted lobster, rabbit and also frog legs. None of them taste like chicken.
    Not Crab season dream...any we get now will come from Texas or Louisiana... but Grey...ya still lovin that snow after all that shovelin?? (btw that'll be more than you'll do the next five years)
    So welcome to the USA then. Now that you're in Maryland, have you eaten any blue crab? The time or two I went, they were crazy about blue crab.
    You brought it on...we only have one about once every 15 years and have never had one with this much snow...

    Now if you can only make it not rain on Christmas day and turn all this to mud...
    There ya go is that enough of a white Christmas for ya?
    suppose to have a storm coming from the south...typically wet from the south and cold from the north could mean we get dumped on.l..half a foot maybe...not a lot for snow country but more than we are used too at the mason dixon line...
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