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  • Yeah, that does happen from time to tome, especially with first time pregnancies in mares. Good luck on the next round!
    so much has been going on in this part of the world. But first, Missy mare was giving all the signs of pregnancy but, when taken to the Veterinarian, was found not to be pregnant. Will try again next year. Rescued a calf separated from her mother. had a short and small cattle drive and other interesting things.
    In the recent rain, while attending to the mare's evening feed, the droplets collected slowly while under the shelter of a tree. A bit of a chill to be sure and the last trimester foal wriggled in protest which caused the mare to "dance" a few steps. By gently rubbing the mare's underbelly, and indirectly the foal, they both settled down more peacefully. Missy mare is becoming more "needy" for attention as she gets closer to her time. It is my guess that she would prefer to have me by her in the pasture at all times now.
    While the calendar "predicts" 3 weeks, an older hand suggests 5 more weeks.
    Pretty good, thanks for asking. There are some people I know who live in Colorado whom I miss, but other than that I'm just fine.
    More work at the ranch, where the mare is quartered, so that my postings will be hap-hazard. As the saying goes "I do not have a life, I have a horse." Add to this "My veterinarian drives a Porche, see horse for details." I have added pictures of the stallion the mare was breed too and the mare starting her third tri-mester.
    Mare starting last trimester. Veterinarian approves of her condition. She will now start to get really big. Foal is expected by mid May to mid June.
    Yesterday, after 10 months of searching, I was able to locate, and have spoken to, the owner of the stallion that we were wishful of breeding the mare to. Negotiations are under way.
    Hey you! So do u live in Colorado Springs as well? I live up north in the Black Forest..interesting.
    new! equi-pix in Illinois. and while I may be light-headed, no that is not me.
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