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  • Any questions or advice or anything that is the best place to ask in regards to customising your profile! Look forward to seeing what you come up with.
    Love to help :)

    Once you click that link there should be a smaller blue link on that page "Join Group" or something like that, once you click that you are in the group. Simple.

    Then you can post questions and so on! :D They share designs over there too! So might be able to pick up a good design someone has already made :)
    I am versed with the basic's in religions and not too shabby with languages ;)

    You need to click on "User CP" which is at the top of this screen... Then in the menu on the left, there will be an option "customise your profile" this is where you can tinker with your page!! Also we have social groups on this site, you may like to join the profile group which can be found here: Cyberspace Interior Design Seattlegal is a good person to get tips from! although they are all pretty cool with the designs they make over there! Hope this helps!
    There is nothing to fear :D

    but it is good image to represent an issue, of outter appearance, the outside is a shell, (a mask) and it doesn't show the real person, you look within and you find that person.

    There is a saying here not sure if it is in you country of if you have heard it? "Do not judge a book by it's cover."
    Welcome to the Interfaith forum, Summia. And that's a fine looking son you have there. What's his name?
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