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  • Behold! A cup of Tea.

    Behold! The Tea.
    Verdant living Jade River
    In fog shrouded fields of Tea.
    Moss framed temple reflected.

    Behold! The cup
    Reflecting variegated rocky slopes,
    Embracing the living waters of the soul
    Sheltered in the temple from above.

    Behold! Slowly sipping the Tea.
    Verdant living Jade River.
    To the shimmering Sea
    To become a part of me.

    Frank A Doonan
    There is a poem I will post in a poetry thread, Behold A cup of Tea that I wrote I thought you may like.

    They do not allow more than 420 characters here.
    Dream says hi. (He noticed that you posted on his wall, but can't log into his account as "Dream" anymore since the upgrade, and asked me to say hi for him.
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    A Cup Of Tea
    I wondered where he was, he usually drops by now and then. Tell him hi and thank you for being our middle woman!
    Hi, this is the new me. New name, new man. Same person.
    A Cup Of Tea
    Good to have you back!
    It's silver needle white tea. I need to sit, relax, and metaphorically chew my cud for a bit, so it seems. :eek:
    Greetings, Cup!

    How so? Would you disagree there is a strong atheist bent underlining much of academia?
    I saw your message and appreciate your concern. I thank you for your comment and also don't like the bickering...however it is thru that bickering/discussion, that I learn more about where I am coming from....I appreciate how Thomas challenges me, it often irritates me, and I him...but it seems to be the nature of our relationship.
    Matrix and philosophy... I really believe that is what the film was all about, a Phillip K Dick approach.

    Chaos theory is part and parcel of complexity and catastrophe theory. The three are (like quantum physics) very, very well likely (near 100%). However, like my metaphysical approach to quantum, the uncertainty or fuzz is true in the sense that the math is consistent and what we can know about the real world (outside of mathematical reflexion) validates that uncertainty.

    While I do wish the world were certain, determined and totally determinable, I can accept it is not. Those who state "we can currently not find a pattern in the system" include some very sharp mathematicians. But this statement is, in essence, a statement of metaphysics--what they want to be the case. Neither side can be proved, but mine (that the uncertainty in inherent in the Kosmos) is more consistent.
    I understand what you mean. Too bad there aren't more wombat enthusiasts. On the other hand, it would be boring.
    I understand that frustration, but I have benefited personally from the posters here. Its like I owe or something.
    Dang it! You're the second one who's done that! Hermes asked me about a quote I didn't make just the other day!
    Annoyances are beneficial. Tis worth looking at the perceived source of the perceived annoyance and contemplating what the actual point is. Why does this bother me...or why do I let this bother me. When someone pushes your buttons, contemplate why you have buttons, and why did you show them everyone....
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